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Extended Support at AnalysisPro

Posted by on May 24th 2017 in AP Capture, AP Viewer, Codimg, My Team Performance Analyser (MyTPA), My Team Performance Exchange (MyTPE), Nacsport, Tag&Go, Workflow

AnalysisPro Support Site

At AnalysisPro, we take our support very seriously. If you are one of our current users, hopefully you will agree that we get back to you quickly to acknowledge your questions and then resolve any issues in the fastest way possible. As our community of users continues to grow, we want to ensure that everybody can still benefit from these same levels of support. For this reason, the first place we looked to expand our company was in the Support Department

We began our expansion by bringing a new member into the AnalysisPro team, Daniel Moore. Daniel previously studied media & video production,...

AP Capture V2 at Liverpool FC

Posted by on May 17th 2017 in AP Capture, Testimonial

AP Capture at Liverpool FC

In May 2015, we installed 2 of our fixed AP Capture IP Cameras at Liverpool FC's Melwood Training Ground. These cameras have continued to provide Liverpool FC with high quality footage of their training sessions and we are really pleased that Liverpool FC have now upgraded to AP Capture V2. The upgrade to V2 means that from one laptop, both IP Cameras can be captured and controlled. This results in two high quality MP4 files being created for each camera and the option to have a 3rd file created which would be a side by side video of...

Gloucester Rugby move from SportsCode to Nacsport

Posted by on May 8th 2017 in Nacsport, Testimonial

Gloucester Rugby move to Nacsport

We are delighted to announce that before the start of the 2017/18 Aviva Premiership Rugby season, Gloucester Rugby will now be using the Nacsport video analysis software instead of the SportsCode software they have used previously. Gloucester Rugby have entered into a 5-year agreement to use a combination of 9 Nacsport Elite and 10 Nacsport Viewer licences among their analysts, coaches and players at both 1st team and Academy levels.

A few weeks ago, Josh caught up with Gloucester Rugby’s coaching staff to go through some of the key workflows they will be using with their new...

London Scottish FC's end of season Nacsport Testimonial

Posted by on April 25th 2017 in Nacsport, Testimonial

London Scottish 2017 Testimonial of Nacsport

With only the knockout matches remaining in the 2016-17 Greene King IPA Championship, the season for London Scottish FC has now finished. As you may have read last year, the team decided to bulk out their analysis department and team review processes by switching over to more Nacsport licences instead of the SportsCode software they previously used. As part of a 3-year agreement, the club acquired a Nacsport Elite licence along with 3 Nacsport Scout Plus Unlimited licences and 4 Nacsport Viewer licences.

You can read more about London Scottish choosing Nacsport and it's use by the whole team at the start of...

AP Capture Version 2 - Embedded into Millfield School PA Workflows

Posted by on April 19th 2017 in AP Capture, My Team Performance Analyser (MyTPA), My Team Performance Exchange (MyTPE), Nacsport, Tag&Go, Workflow

AP Capture V2 Released and Performance Analysis at Millfield School

We are really pleased to announce that our second version of AP Capture is now available. This blog will give you more information about AP Capture V2 and how this version is already embedded into the Performance Analysis workflows at Millfield School. Kristen Wright is the PA for Millfield School and has kindly revealed the different PA processes being used in the school across a variety of sports.


AP Capture

Our AP Capture solutions let you use sophisticated IP Cameras (our latest cameras are 4K ready) to record high quality footage for any activity. We provide a mobile tripod...

Cardiff and Vale College - Bursting with PA toys!

Posted by on February 24th 2017 in AP Capture, My Team Performance Analyser (MyTPA), My Team Performance Exchange (MyTPE), Nacsport, Tag&Go

Cardiff and Cale College use AnalysisPro Solutions

If you have followed our blog and content for a few years, you may have picked up on our message that there isn’t one tool or product that can provide a complete performance analysis solution. However, at AnalysisPro we combine tools with great synergy to make this a reality.

From filming, to analysing, reviewing live and post event then ultimately sharing and reviewing online, we have all the bases covered with our different products and solutions.

A few of the organisations we work with have their bases covered by using our different solutions, like Millfield School and Cardiff Metropolitan University,...

Southampton Solent choose AP Capture Mobile Tripod

Posted by on February 22nd 2017 in AP Capture

Solent Uni choose AP Capture

Today, we are delighted to announce a new partnership with another UK University. After meeting Southampton Solent University a couple of months ago, we have recently delivered them a brand new AP Capture Mobile Tripod solution, using the high spec 4K IP Camera.

Solent were instantly impressed with our Mobile Tripod when we showed it to them, due to the ease of use when it comes to assembling the tripod and controlling the camera.

This was important to the Uni as the solution will be used by different students, so putting up the tripod and controlling it with a joystick on...

Wakefield Trinity choose Nacsport

Posted by on February 20th 2017 in Nacsport, Testimonial

Wakefield Trinity use Nacsport

Last week, we had our “Rugby League Week” on this blog, where we talked about Nacsport being used in different clubs from the Super League, Championship and League 1. We welcomed Keighley Cougars, Hunslet Hawks and Batley Bulldogs, along with saying thanks to our existing users Halifax RLFC and Leigh Centurions. Before we move forward onto different topics though, we have one more story to share!!

We are really pleased to announce that Super League side Wakefield Trinity have started a 4-year agreement to use Nacsport within the club. The club will use 4 Scout Plus licences to...

Video Analysis Processes in Rugby League: "The Centurions Way"

Posted by on February 17th 2017 in Nacsport, Workflow

Leigh Centurions Video Analysis Processes

We reach the last day of our "Rugby League Week"! We've welcomed 3 new teams to our Nacsport community and said thankyou to one of our longest standing Nacsport users in Rugby League. You can review those stories with the links below. Today we will finish by sharing a blog post from the Head of Performance Analysis at Leigh Centurions, Ste Mills. We published the blog on the Nacsport website so that you can link to it below.

If you are a regular reader of our blogs, you may already have an idea of the workflows used by Leigh Centurions, but...

Batley Bulldogs combine Nacsport versions

Posted by on February 16th 2017 in Nacsport

Batley Bulldogs use Nacsport

It’s day 4 of our “Rugby League Week” and we are back to welcoming another new team into the Nacsport community. The other clubs we have welcomed this week are Keighley Cougars and Hunslet Hawks, with us saying thanks to our long-standing users Halifax RLFC yesterday. You can check out each of these posts with the following links:

Keighley Cougars

Hunslet Hawks

Halifax RLFC

Halifax play in the Championship, along with the new team we are welcoming today, Batley Bulldogs. This means that there are now 5 out of the 12 teams in the Kingstone Press Championship who...