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Exeter Chiefs continue with AnalysisPro Solutions

On this blog we love to welcome new users to our community, but we also love to show you our continuing relationships with longstanding users! Today I would like to announce our continued work with Premiership Rugby Union side Exeter Chiefs. The Chiefs had a very successful season last year, finishing 2nd in the table and reaching the Aviva Premiership Rugby Final at Twickenham against Saracens, where they unfortunately lost 28-20.


We have been working with the Chiefs’ Academy set-up since 2013 by providing them with the online athlete management and file-sharing platform MyTPE, along with the Nacsport video analysis software.  This year, the Chiefs have again renewed their MyTPE platform and Nacsport licence’s technical support and update service for the Academy and associated college teams. There are three colleges that are part of the Chiefs’ Academy: Ivybridge Community College, Truro College and now Exeter College (who have taken over from Bicton College).

Exeter Chiefs Academy Teams use Nacsport

Each of these colleges have access to the Nacsport video analysis software, along with their own MyTPE sites. These sites sit underneath the Chiefs Academy main platform site so that Chiefs Academy Analyst, Gareth Elliott, can share content and monitor each college’s activity from the main Academy MyTPE site.

Exeter Chiefs Academy Teams use MyTPE

The video content that is uploaded onto the MyTPE sites is driven by the analysis created in Nacsport. The software allows the colleges to either analyse their matches and training live, or take the camera film and put it into the software for post-event analysis. Players and coaches develop a greater game understanding from reviewing the analysis in Nacsport, which is then shared onto MyTPE so they can explore and discuss everything further too.


Gareth Elliott had this to say about our continued relationship:

We are pleased to be working with AnalysisPro once again this season – for us as an academy it is allowing us to stride forward with the education of young and improving players.

As an academy, we have players and coaches at different site locations, and with Team Performance Exchange, one of the main benefits is that it gives us a communication channel that would otherwise be logistically impossible. In line with our academy strategic plan, it forms a valuable online platform for us to securely share information and drive forward with our vision to improve talent.

At our three academy colleges, the coaches are well equipped with Nacsport video analysis systems. This allows them to give professional feedback visually and through the use of statistics. Players have the opportunity to watch their game back and become more involved in the review process.

The support we have received from Analysis Pro has helped us to maximise the use of our Nacsport licences and keep our personalised MyTPE sites moving forward to best benefit the academy.

We would like to thank Gareth for his kind words and also everyone at Exeter Chiefs for their continued trust in who we are and what we provide. We wish both the Academy and 1st team the best of luck for the 2016-17 season!

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