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AnalysisPro Ltd meet Mardyke Arena (UCC)

At the beginning of this week, both Jon and Josh travelled over to Ireland to meet with the performance team at the University College Cork Mardyke Arena. The team wanted to get us in to review their current performance analysis processes (which were very good with lots of data and clips being produced for different sports teams) and see how we could help them to further improve. The main focus was on dissemination of the excellent information being produced by the team. For this, we showcased Team Performance Exchange which was very well received. Focussing on dissemination, our iPad app AP Viewer was also presented to show how easy it could be for the coaches to review their whole timeline and matrix data. We will be working with the team during a demo period so that they can try out the different workflows and showcase the advantages to the different teams they provide a service for. As we were there for two days, we also had the chance to show the Elite level of Nacsport and how the feature set here can further expand on the current workflows and provide a more user friendly way of generating unique data. The feature which got Lenny (head analyst) excited was the graphic descriptor tool which can be easily used to pinpoint exactly on a pitch diagram where certain actions happened. With this information, Lenny has the opportunity to generate unique and specific statistics and also provide the coaches with an interface where they can review clips by using this “heat map” style output.

As we are nearing the release of our AP Capture, IP camera and telescopic tripod solution, we brought this over to Ireland and had great feedback and excitement from the team as we quickly pumped up the camera to a perfect filming height so that the team could control the camera by using the joystick connected to the laptop in the solution. We were able to show both the 4×3 and top of the range 16×9 cameras to give an idea of the different quality of footage (both very high) that can be achieved by this easy to use solution, which provides smooth movement patterns for simultaneously moving the camera in all directions and zooming in or out. What really blew the team away was when we left the camera and telescopic tripod set up and then took the laptop and joystick up into a pavilion away from the pitch where we were able to control and capture the feed from the camera, simultaneously dialling into this feed from another laptop running Nacsport which can use the IP camera signal to do a live capture and code on that machine too! (Check out some of the pics on our Twitter feed)

The cameraman was definitely “putting this on his christmas list” as he could see the benefits of “filming in a nice warm environment with my feet up and a coffee in one hand whilst it’s freezing and raining outside”. We couldn’t have agreed more!! We’re really looking forward to an ongoing relationship with the Mardyke Arena team and seeing how their current workflows can expand and grow, especially if it means we get to travel to Ireland more often and drink a few pints of the black stuff!

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