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Liverpool FC analysts use AP Capture telescopic sports mast

AP Capture on the Road – Manchester United, Everton & Liverpool Football

Wow. What a great week for us! We decided to take AP Capture and our IP Camera Solutions on the road to some football clubs this week and got some really great feedback from everyone we showed it too!

On Monday, we met up with Steve Brown at Manchester United’s training ground. We were able to show Steve and fellow coaching staff all of our powerful product offerings such as AP Viewer, Team Performance Exchange and Nacsport, all of which received great feedback when we showed how they can each play a unique yet synergetic part of a whole performance analysis solution. We finished by showing the AP Capture mobile Sports Mast IP camera solution on their indoor football training facility and the guys were impressed with how quick and easy everything was to transport, set-up and use. They were also particularly impressed with the wireless capability as we took the laptop and joystick away from the mobile set-up and were still able to capture and control the camera as if we were plugged in at the laptop tray! So, a great start to the week.

The next day, we had been invited to Everton FC’s Finch Farm training complex to show the IP Camera solution as they have been looking for an easy way to film some of their external pitches which don’t have any gantries. The team informed us that they have seen lots of other solutions and other IP cameras, but they were not impressed with these due to their “clunky” nature and lack of responsive movement patterns on the camera, which wouldn’t allow them to quickly move and keep track of a fast-paced kicking game like football, which AP Capture, on the other hand, is designed for. So after giving an overview of our other product offerings, we headed out onto the pitch with our mobile solution to film the academy training session. As soon as we found a place to set up, the heavens opened and we were treated to some “typical Finch Farm weather”. This actually gave us a great chance to show how our IP camera is a fully outdoor solution which will enable you to film in any weather condition thanks to the camera being suited for extreme weather conditions, and our tripod having all the necessary waterproof housings and additional guy ropes which can be used to add further stability to the mast in strong winds (after all, this is a military standard tripod we provide!). So after setting up the solution and the guys successfully capturing and controlling the camera from the laptop and joystick inside the waterproof housing on the laptop tray, we were given a break from the rain, so we removed the waterproof housing and the guys continued to use the solution as a rainbow watched over us. Very picturesque you could say!

Wednesday was the busiest day of the week for us as we first started the day at Melwood Training Ground to meet up with the Liverpool FC analysis team. We spent the first hour showing AP Viewer, Team Performance Exchange and Nacsport to the guys with great feedback again and demo times arranged so the team can test out the benefits of these for themselves. A new feature in Nacsport was particularly impressing for the guys as it would enable them to get even more use out of a service they currently subscribe to. As mentioned last week, stay tuned as we will be revealing this news very soon! We then headed outside to set up the IP camera solution and talk the guys through how to use it and the many different benefits it can provide for filming of course, but also the future capabilities we are adding into the solution for easy viewing of the IP camera source by multiple people at the same time. As we were showing the solution and discussing, the 1st team were finishing their warm up then starting on some passing drills right in front of us. It was very humbling for us to be able to show our solution to the team in such close proximity of the training session without causing any disruption to these highly skilled professionals’ environment. Again, we had great feedback from the guys and are looking forward to further discussions with them.

After Liverpool, we headed down to Birmingham to catch up with Chris Bradley and the academy analysis team at Aston Villa. It was fantastic for us to see how much use the team are getting out of Nacsport with their multiple Elite and Viewer systems. Chris showed us the amount of data which is being gathered for all of the age groups and it’s wonderful to see how much support and development opportunities are being given to the future stars of the game. We took the opportunity to have a chat over workflows carried out by the team in Nacsport, and Josh provided further training and advice for getting the most out of the different features they have available to them such as the multiple matrix, sub-matrix and in particular, the search tool. All of the databases (timelines) created by the analysts are stored on a central server which makes it really easy for the players to come in, choose a game and then view the timeline, matrix and presentation files created for them on the Viewer systems they have access to. With this amount of data stored on the server, the search tool can really be put to great use by Chris and the team as they can choose a selection of multiple matches, then click a combination of categories and descriptors registered across those games to instantly bring up the clips where “Johnny” made a successful pass off his left foot down the right side of the pitch for example. Without the unique search tool available in Nacsport Elite (and Viewer so the players can find and watch those clips), this task would be a much more manual and time intensive thing to do. Once again we showed our IP Camera solution, and once again we got fantastic feedback from the guys on ease of transport, set-up, use and functionalities provided (a particular favourite of the guys was the ability to set presets so that the camera would instantly go to a goal mouth at the press of a button for example).

So, a busy week for us but a great chance to show off our products and in particular the camera solution. Don’t forget that as this is an IP camera solution, another benefit of Nacsport becomes present as it can directly capture the high quality IP camera signal without any boxes/converters. If the wireless solution is being used, Nacsport can pick up the signal wirelessly by being on the same closed network, or if not, you just plug in the Cat5 cable to pick up the feed. All of that from just the Basic (£130) version too!

We couldn’t be happier with how the solution performed and the feedback we received reaffirmed this for us. So we encourage you to watch this video to find out more on this solution which is perfect for any environment and any weather!!

Check out some of our recent twitter pictures and videos and also look at the snaps below of AP Capture being used by these different professional clubs.

Man Utd trial AP Capture Telescopic Sports Mast
Liverpool FC analysts use AP Capture telescopic sports mast
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