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AP Capture Updated

This week, we have released a new version of our AP Capture software to compliment the IP Camera filming solutions we provide. AP Capture gives our users the ability to control the high quality Axis IP Cameras we give them with instantly responsive smooth and simultaneous movement patterns. At the same time, users can capture and record their footage in MP4 or MOV format to create a single video file which can be used on different devices, platforms and importantly in video analysis software too. Uniquely, we can also mix in sound with the capture of outdoor IP cameras by utilising directional boom mics, radio mics or IP sound delivery. Using the preset buttons in AP Capture with the mouse (or pressing the corresponding buttons on the joystick that we provide) also gives our users the ability to make the most of this great feature of IP Cameras, helping to quickly and efficiently focus the camera on 4 different preset locations that can have different levels of zoom too.

We felt that it was a time for a fresher look for AP Capture and it coincides nicely with a huge update that was applied to MyTPE (Team Performance Exchange)  at the start of the year and a major update that will soon also be released for Nacsport. All three of these powerful tools are looking better than ever and continue to work synergetically to provide people with the ability to film high quality footage from fixed or mobile IP Camera solutions, analyse that footage with Nacsport video analysis software and then share the results and clips of “gold dust” on an interactive online platform that can be accessed from any device.

In the picture above, you can see the key developments of AP Capture over time. We have added the ability to capture into MP4 format, add multiple cameras into your AP Capture then choose which one to use, reprocess a compression, view in full screen mode and select which available sound source you would like to mix in with your capture. As our software has developed, so have the solutions we can provide. We firstly started with a mobile tripod solution which is still going strong, but we also quickly identified the request from clients to have fixed solutions where they could control multiple cameras away from the field. Cardiff Met Uni is a great example of this.

A complete performance analysis solution

More recently, we have been able to further expand another part of what we see as a full performance analysis solution as shown in the picture above. You may have seen the live streams we have been running out of Millfield School as they looked to evaluate the benefit this will bring them as a school. We are now able to provide users with a streaming software and processes that will allow them to live broadcast their IP Camera feeds and also mix that with overlays, videos and normal camera feeds too. This has expanded our Cloud-Based Transfer Solutions and added even more value to why you should choose an IP Camera as your main filming solution. Millfield School chose our IP Camera solutions to improve the quality of filming at the school, ensure that filming can be carried out away from the pitches and because we told them about the possiblity of live streaming which we are now making a reality for them. More news to come on that in due course!

We are now in the process of applying this update to our AP Capture users, a group which has significantly grown since we first started putting these IP Camera solutions together. We are proud to count on the following clients below as users of our AP Capture IP Camera filming solutions, with a couple more to be announced soon too! If you want to learn more about how our IP Camera solutions can improve your filming setups, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Cardiff Metropolitan University – Multiple Fixed 16×9 IP Cameras & Two 16×9 Mobile Tripods with wireless capability.

Mardyke Arena – Two 16×9 Mobile Tripods with wireless capability.

Millfield School – Two Fixed 4×3 IP Cameras & Two Fixed 16×9 IP Cameras.

Everton FC – 16×9 Mobile Tripod with wireless capability.

Bath Rugby – 16×9 Mobile Tripod.

Football Association of Wales – 16×9 Mobile Tripod.

Malaysian Football Association – 16×9 Mobile Tripod.

Sedbergh School – 16×9 Mobile Tripod.

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