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AP Viewer in Johannesburg

This week we would like to say a warm welcome to our newest AP Viewer users, the University of Johannesburg. The University have acquired 6 AP Viewer licences for use with their timeline based video analysis software, which will better enable their analysts, coaches and players to share and review performances on different iPads.

As with all AP Viewer users, the University have a computer which is running our AP Packager software. This software gives the University the ability to choose which registered iPads can have one of the 6 AP Viewer licences and whether they want that licence to expire on the iPad on a set date. Of course, the user also has the ability to change this date or remove the licence from the iPad at any point through AP Packager, ensuring that the content being shared is always in control of the University. Along with managing the licensing process, AP Packager has a tab where users drop “packages” (a folder containing the source movie and XML file) to prepare and licence it for sharing onto the AP Viewer iPads through iTunes.

Here is a screenshot of the new skin which will be on the University’s licensed AP Viewer applications.

We look forward to working further with the University and hope that they enjoy this new and unique review process!

To see some more information about AP Viewer and the different processes mentioned above, please check out this page and also have a look through this YouTube playlist.



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