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AP Viewer Review and Nacsport Elite

This week, we were proud to be featured on the Newport Gwent Dragon’s website as they announced our ongoing partnership with the team and how they make use of our AP Viewer app. This comment from analyst Jon Gardner was great for us to read: ”From a technical perspective, AP Viewer is a great addition to our analysis workflows. We have found it user friendly, with an interface similar to our current analysis software. The continued tech support from both Jon and Josh of AnalysisPro has enabled a smooth transition whilst we have integrated this new product.” It’s great to hear feedback on the positive effects that the services and products we supply are giving. You can check out the article here. Take a look at this picture also posted on the Dragon’s twitter feed which shows the different ways the app has been used.

Coinciding with this week’s news post is the release of the latest video in the workflow series playlist on our Analysis For All YouTube channel. The video focuses on the live review capabilities of using Nacsport Elite, tools which provide the user with really high end and professional processes. The main focus is the ability for a user to be capturing a live event and registering actions using their template (something you can do from Nacsport Basic), but then looking back at these registered clips to review performances whilst the live capture still continues in the background. Using this process allows the analyst to provide real time constructive feedback to the coach for example and can provide a huge advantage over your opposition. Other tools which are shown working in the live scenario are the ability to add drawings over a still frame of the clip you’re reviewing so you can save it out and send to the coach, calling up the matrix to see the current relationships between categories and descriptors in your performance which can indicate strengths, weaknesses and key factors affecting the game, and carrying out a live export of an XLS file from your analysis which you can get Excel to work with to produce a live statistical output and dashboard for example. These are processes which most professional teams will be carrying out, but a unique tool which Nacsport Elite allows you to do in the live capture environment is also add audio voiceovers onto your registered clips, something that provides huge benefits when you see the extra level of detail and description you can add into your clips. It could also be used as a tool for the analyst who is working out how their template works for example. They could use it to add notes for themselves of experiences they have when using the template, what’s working, what’s not, what could be improved and general thoughts etc. A true enhancement to the reflective process.

In other news, our work with a well known provider of analysis performance data has got to a stage where we will be showing professional teams how we can use Nacsport and AP Viewer to review that data and associated video in the next few weeks. We also hope to have some sneak preview videos with you soon to show how unique and user friendly this integration is. Keep your eyes pealed!! 

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