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Armstrong Health Specialists – Discounted Intolerance Tests

A different type of blog than usual on our website, but we have an offer available for our readers and #APfamily so we wanted to share this with you!

Armstrong Health Specialists was set up in 2014 with the aim of improving the health of the general public. Over the years their physiological assessments and clinics have grown exponentially and new for 2019, they are offering most of their services and assessments that are available at their clinics to online customers.

Craig Armstrong is the man behind Armstrong Health Specialists. We have had the pleasure of knowing Craig for a number of years and can fully testify for the benefits of the services he provides. They are all based on solid research and knowledge from his education and experiences with top level athletes, health enthusiasts and anybody wanting to generally look and feel more energetic. Craig has a BA and MSc in exercise and nutrition physiology and is about to start a PhD in the field too. Health & Nutrition Specialist BSc and MSc.

The three main services provided by Armstrong Health Specialists are linked below. Click on these to learn more!


From personal experience, we know that the Food Intolerance Test is a really beneficial service. You can find out the specific food types that disagree with your body; effecting your energy levels, weight levels and athletic performance. With the test results used to create a specific nutirition plans, you can make some quick gains and start feeling more energetic.

If you would like to get a Food Intolerance Test, you can use THIS LINK to benefit from a 10% discount.

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