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Bath Rugby choose AP Capture Mobile Solution

In one of our previous blogs, you will have read about AP Capture being put to use at “The Rec” while we showcased the benefits of using IP Cameras to Bath Rugby. In that previous post you can see more details and some sample footage from the match we filmed, which obviously made a good impression as the team placed an order with us!

Last week, Jon travelled to Farleigh House to meet up with Head Analyst Darren Lewis and deliver their new AP Capture Mobile Tripod Solution. We are very pleased to count on Bath Rugby as our newest user of AP Capture and we want to wish them the best of luck for the coming season. Our solution has already been put to use in training sessions and gives the team a chance to get HD quality footage filmed from a high vantage point without any physical structures needing to be put in place. Check out this picture of the Mobile Tripod solution in action at Farleigh House:

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