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Biarritz Olympique use MyTPE

This week, we would like to announce one of our latest MyTPE users who are benefitting from the new TPE version 7. They are the French professional rugby union team Biarritz, who compete in the second division of French rugby, Rugby Pro D2. Paul O’Brien is the video analyst for the club and was kind enough to give us this detailed write up of how he knew about MyTPE, why the team chose it and how it is being used. We would like to say thanks to Biarritz for choosing our online management and file sharing solution MyTPE and of course a big thanks to Paul for the following information!


I first heard of Team Performance Exchange during my time as an intern in the performance analysis department of Munster rugby, where the platform was mainly used for the analysis of training. After leaving Munster rugby I really got to know TPE through attending a masters course in Performance Analysis at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Here I got to understand the value of TPE and how it can be used as a powerful analysis tool through my work experience with Cardiff Met’s mens rugby team. Here both coaches and analyst interlinked to provide a knowledge base for the players and a platform where they could question aspects of the game plan and their own performance in order to develop their knowledge base and skill sets needed to perform at a high level.

After my time with Cardiff Met I took up my current position with Biarritz Olympique in the south of France, as the head of performance analysis. Since analysis was almost non existent within the club, it was my job to introduce the players to the concept of analysis and integrate it into their daily rugby lives without forcing it upon them. It was through discussions with various members of the Biarritz squad that I became educated in the cultural difference between professional players here and where I had previously worked in the UK and Ireland. It soon became clear that the best way of engaging the players in analysis was the use of an online platform so as they could do their analysis in the comfort of their own home or in their own time elsewhere. Therefore, having already used and seen the advantages of TPE, I decided that this platform was the way forward.


To date the platform has 48 members which includes both players and coaching staff. The platform is used as a means of reviewing training, reviewing game analysis such as individual and set-piece clips and also for analysis of upcoming opposition. Since this was a new concept to the players, it was important that the analysis uploaded onto the site was kept at a managagble level, while all the time introducing new concepts.

For example, one of the latest additions for the player analysis is the use of the portfolio function for their personal game performance analysis. Before using the portfolio function the players would perform this review process through an additional web based platform, but now this has been relocated to the “one stop shop” analysis platform, MyTPE. The portfolio function has created a simplistic way for the players to perform their analysis while also providing the security needed to insure the analysis they provide is private to both them and the coaching staff. For me, this feature is extremely important as it encourages the players to be more honest with their analysis and allows the coaches to share their opinions with the players in secret. The ability to save and log the information shared by the players allows the coaching team to track the progression of the players.

There are many other features within the site that have yet to be utilised as the analysis culture is one which I am trying to grow on a daily basis within the squad, almost a drip feeding effect in order to insure that player and staff are not overwhelmed by the concept.


To date the response from both the staff and the players to the TPE platform has been extremely positive, with players engaging on a daily basis with analysis through the site and staff engaging on a one to one basis with the players in private. The platform has provided an extremely powerful analysis tool and has helped greatly in growing the concept of analysis within the organisation. It can only help to drive analysis from strength to strength within Biarritz Olympique.

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