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Bristol Grammar School choose Nacsport

Our previous blog introduced the exciting project we have been doing with CARIAD and Exeter House School. There, we were using Codimg video analysis software and performance analysis processes to monitor and analyse Intensive Interaction sessions. This was a non-sport example of using video analysis and you can read more about that here.

Today, we would like to announce our newest Nacsport user who are also from an educational setting, Bristol Grammar School. Josh was first contacted by Fran Ripley from the school after we had been recommended to her by Jane Powell of England Hockey. Josh had the opportunity to further explain who we are and what we can provide and then show Fran the benefits of the Nacsport software. Unlike the Intensive Interaction project where video analysis processes are being used within a classroom style environment, Bristol Grammar School will be using a combination of 3 Nacsport Basic licences to analyse sporting activities throughout the school. We are really looking forward to working with Fran and the school and are sure that this relationship will continue to grow as the school implements more performance analysis processes over time.

With education in mind, we are currently planning a visit with Charlie Barwis and David Faulkner at Millfield School next month to have a full review of how performance analysis is being used at the school. We are in constant contact with Charlie and are fully up to date with how PA is working there, but we know how beneficial these reflection sessions are for all of us involved. It will give us a chance to assess which elements have had the most impact, what has been most helpful, what needs improvement and where we all plan to take things for the next school year with the exciting developments that are going on in the background.

To see a snapshot of the processes currently being used at the school, check out this video:

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