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Cardiff and Vale College – Bursting with PA toys!

If you have followed our blog and content for a few years, you may have picked up on our message that there isn’t one tool or product that can provide a complete performance analysis solution. However, at AnalysisPro we combine tools with great synergy to make this a reality.

From filming, to analysing, reviewing live and post event then ultimately sharing and reviewing online, we have all the bases covered with our different products and solutions.

A few of the organisations we work with have their bases covered by using our different solutions, like Millfield School and Cardiff Metropolitan University, and we are now really pleased that Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) have also joined this community!

For an idea of what we regard as a complete performance analysis solution, look at this slide which includes an overview of each component too:

AnalysisPro Ltd Presentation from AnalysisPro Ltd

The College will use our 4K AP Capture Telescopic Sports Mast solution for capturing high quality footage with an elevated vantage point, wherever they go! We delivered the Tripod in January as you can see below, along with delivering training on how the college can use their multiple Nacsport licences.

AP Capture 4K Mobile Tripod Solution with CAVC

For analysing the footage captured with the Mobile Tripod (and other cameras in use), CAVC have the advantage of a room filled with 16 Scout Plus licences, 16 Tag&go licences for iPads and iPhones and 2 Pro Plus licences for more in-depth analysis and live review workflows. Quite an impressive setup!! Students at the College are learning about performance analysis and how to carry out video analysis in Nacsport, thanks to a partnership they have with Cardiff Metropolitan University. We are very pleased that they can replicate the Nacsport processes carried out at the Uni so that students can learn in a classroom environment and an applied environment, whilst supporting the College and local teams.

CAVC Nacsport Lab Machines

Josh Bryan Teaching Nacsport to CAVC

To complete the solution, CAVC use our online platforms MyTPE and MyTPA as a way of sharing out videos, analysis from Nacsport and other content that can be viewed and discussed easily by the users who are in the platforms. A great way of rounding off the sharing process and ensuring that everybody can benefit from the analysis and videos being created in AP Capture and Nacsport.

We would like to thank Cardiff and Vale College for investing in our different analysis solutions and look forward to supporting the staff and students in ensuring they can get the most out of their powerful tools!

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