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Cardiff Met Uni’s use of MyTPE & MyTPA

Today, I would like to say thanks to Cardiff Met Uni for continuing to use our different solutions and renewing their contract for another year. Cardiff Met have been one of our longest standing users and we are really proud to have them using every single one of our solutions. The learning environment put in place by the Centre for Performance Analysis (CPA), led by Darrell Cobner and heavily supported by Adam Cullinane and Gemma Davies, provides the new cohort of BSc (Hons) Sport Performance Analysis (along with other students studying performance analysis at the Uni) with somewhere that they can get their hands on lots of different tools and learn their craft, whilst supporting and working with the different sports teams at the Uni.

I was lucky enough to study on both the BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science and MSc Performance Analysis courses at Cardiff Met (or UWIC to me), and got to benefit from the advice and work experience opportunities supported by the CPA and Darrell first hand. It’s actually where I first got my hands on Team Performance Exchange (MyTPE) which led me to also met with Jon Moore before joining AnalysisPro Ltd. So I know that the students who engage with the applied performance analysis opportunities that are on offer will gain great insight and experience of working with a team and using different video analysis processes across different sports.

Cardiff Met use our AP Capture solutions with multiple fixed IP Cameras around the campus and also a couple of mobile tripods that are used for away fixtures, they have laptops and three labs full of computers running Nacsport, iPads using Nacsport Tag&Go and AP Viewer, then a large platform of MyTPE and MyTPA sites that are used across the different sporting teams and also for delivering course content too. For us, it’s a great example of how synergetic our different tools are and how they can be applied across multiple sports, levels of performance and also used in non-sport settings too. Having the tools being used every day in these scenarios and often visiting Cardiff Met also gives us valuable feedback and insight from the staff and students, which we really appreciate!

Darrell has kindly put together an overview of how MyTPE and MyTPA are used at the University, along with how he and his fellow staff members and coaches of the different teams view and benefit from these tools. I will leave you with that below and would like to take this opportunity to again thank Darrell, the CPA and Cardiff Met for their continued trust and support of our vision and synergetic tools.




Back in March 2012, the Australian Sports Commission put out a request for proposal for an athlete management system. The core requirements (listed below) provided reassurance that there was a demand for the nature of this system, in a market area that has received attention over recent years.

  • A single central repository as a central to exchange point
  • An intuitive web-based user interface with own branding/logos
  • Accessible on multiple devices (Windows, Mac, iOS)
  • Streamline the collection and maintenance of information
  • Functionality and quality to support delivery of HP programs
  • Provide a foundation of support athletes and coaches priorities
  • Capture and retrieve profiles (DOB, address etc.)
  • Assign individuals to multiple user groups, squads and roles, with different access/admin levels for each user
  • Calendars and messaging
  • Attach files and video footage
  • Capture athletes training comments, self report and test data
  • Send notifications under certain conditions

Individual companies and sporting bodies have/are trying to design, build, test, implement, maintain, mature, train, document, and support their own system… an arduous task when sometimes there is already an off-the-shelf, hosting solution to deliver on expectations.


At a similar time, I posted my inaugural blog based on connectivism and the use of MyTPE that approached several questions…

What were our system requirements?

What are the challenges within a team environment?

What other established tools were available (at the time)?


From the basis of this diverse and expansive use, I would describe MyTPE as:

The founding principles of MyTPE were for a coach to share video and to enable discussion, with a subsequent business model to make it accessible and to be enjoyed by other coaches/athletes. This introduction to, and core intent for, the product aligned us to the vision of Gijs (and his team), and it quickly scaled up across our institution. Cardiff School of Sport has now been an end-user of MyTPE for over 4 years. The vehicle provides a versatile set of tools to implement an array of tasks. Our non-exhaustive usage has spanned our Cardiff Met Sport teams, a container for course content (including the storage and delivery of video files into other VLEs), a platform for student dissertations using qualitative research methods via questionnaires, a communication hub for standalone projects within and outside of the University etc.

As personal advice to potential customers, I would advise you to measure MyTPE based on your own requirements, its current functionality, the rate of improvement, the historic track record of the company, customer feedback, and the competitive (and stable) price, to assess the potential value for money. Consider how the emergence of MyTPA as a separate, yet joined up tool can dynamically impact working practice as a current/future addition to your armory – the trajectory of a software/service is an important consideration, too. Be aware: It is harder to change platform (data migration, stakeholders relearning a new system) than to make the right initial decision for the future. Also, consider the value propositions that underpin the synergetic portfolio represented by AnalysisPro.


To support this commendation, I asked several key stakeholders to also share their thoughts about MyTPE and what is represents their environment:

“The centre of our performance environment – a versatile space that situates us as a squad.”

It is a fantastic platform to support our performance environment and offers all the key features required to manage and support player development. It is a huge selling point for us as an institution who wish to attract the very best players and develop them towards National and international representation. The recent updates have increased usability across devices and consequently have improved engagement, which is easily managed. The platforms serves to combine Performance analysis, Strength & Conditioning, Physiology, Psychology and Coaching Staff in a process that is streamlined from planning, through delivery, and on to review. Even when operating remotely, MyTPE keeps us together promoting a sense of belonging – this is where the Questionnaire tool comes to the fore and provides a feedback method for remote training. We are then able to stay in touch with individuals – anywhere. MyTPE has taken a few years to bed in amongst the players and staff – but is now the central point for everything we do. It’s a fantastic resource and cannot imagine creating, managing and delivering a performance environment without it.

Luke Hawker (Director of Hockey)


“Excellent resource for planning, delivering interactive player preparation and feedback. A must have!!”

MyTPE provides a fantastic interactive tool for coaches that aids planning, player learning and opportunities to enhance feedback delivery. It allows players and coaches to access video feedback in their own time and away from the coaching environment increasing the flexibility within managing the coaching process. The ability for players to use the review system to be able to engage in dialogue with coaches drives self-improvement creating a more autonomous learning environment. The calendar function creates a clear weekly, and monthly planning tool which is easy to use.

Danny Milton (Experienced Teacher, Lecturer and Coach – Rugby)


“A central hub for managing data within performance sport and learning and teaching.  It empowers the end user with a seamless interface.”

Since day 1, MyTPE and Analysis Pro have changed the way I work in elite sport and higher education. I have been continually surprised with the usability of the platform from the start, the athletes and students engage with MyTPE with ease as it is so intuitive.  The team continually develop MyTPE and some of the new functions have surpassed my expectations.  Our elite teams function through MyTPE, all communications, events and files are hosted and it has become the hub for our team.  We have used MyTPE for learning and teaching in Higher Education, specifically the ability to create portfolios and ‘flip’ lecture content has revolutionised how we interact with the students and media content.  I have used other software, but MyTPE is the most intuitive and issue-free platform I have used.

Toby Nichols (Senior Lecturer and strategic director of performance hockey)


Initial interventions with MyTPA have been positively received; exemplified through this response:

MyTPA is a great tool which allows me to communicate remotely with the players. It allows for on-going dialogue at the users convenience, which is essential when our contact time is limited and we are on a quick turnaround with a two game week. Having the ability to see players interpretation of their own performance by analysing and building their own projects is exceptionally beneficial.

Kerry Harris (Senior Lecturer and Performance Director for Cardiff Met LAFC)

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