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Chris O’Connor Nacsport Testimonial

Today I would like to share a Nacsport testimonial with you that was kindly provided by Chris O’Connor. I first met Chris at the Open Day we held at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where we showcased the then recently installed AP Capture solution and other synergetic products and processes that we provide. Chris started using Nacsport shortly after that open day and has gone on to provide video analysis services to different teams in different sports, including Halifax RLFC who are also one of our Nacsport users. I will leave you with Chris’ testimonial and would like to say a big thanks to Chris for providing us with these words and pictures of him filming and using Nacsport!

Nacsport and Me!

My name is Chris O’Connor and I’m currently a performance analyst within Football, Rugby League and Rugby Union. For all these different sports, I have chosen Nacsport as my video analysis software and I’m really happy with the product I’ve got.

I started my career as a performance analyst after having a shoulder operation which effectively ended my rugby playing career. I ventured into coaching and soon found that in order to give the players the best understanding, I needed a platform to review and analyse performances. I started with free software which did a job, but was basic and unspectacular and after performing more and more analysis, I decided to obtain a qualification in performance analysis and pursue it as a career. I was conducting my analysis as an independent performance analyst and therefore needed my own software, laptop and camera equipment and started to research what was the best around. I was also attending seminars and workshops and Nacsport kept getting mentioned as a great and cost effective alternative to Sportscode or Gamebreaker for example. I looked at the trial that was available and found the software to be really user-friendly and uncomplicated. It gave me great results and enabled me to present my Rugby Union analysis to players and coaches in a really professional manner.

Chris O'Connor using NacsportChris O'Connor using Nacsport 2

I started with Nacsport Basic and it although it was the starter package, it gave me everything that I needed to record, analyse and review any games I needed to. The more I analysed, the more I wanted to learn and do, and shortly after purchasing Nacsport I found out that my local professional Rugby League club, Halifax RLFC, were also using Nacsport. I had played rugby with the then assistant coach at one time and approached him to see how he was finding Nacsport. We chatted about how they used it, what the benefits were and how they wanted to improve their own knowledge of analysis. The coaching staff struggled with time due to training and playing schedules and I offered my help, which was accepted, and I then added Rugby League analysis to my CV.

I was looking to widen my analysis knowledge and an opportunity arose to provide analysis for a college football academy and a semi-pro football team (level 9 in the English Football League system). These teams were looking to develop their own systems and Nacsport allowed me to modify the rugby templates I had to a football environment. The principles were the same, allowing me to code the game and then export various player clips to each player and export the finished data to a spreadsheet which was forwarded to the coaches and showed the game in detail. Each player was also emailed their own part of the spreadsheet so they could see what actions they had been part of within the game. Nacsport made this transition easy and it allowed me to build a full analysis system for these teams which allowed full involvement from both the players and coaches.

I’ve now progressed to become the lead analyst at Halifax Rugby League Football Club and have also had work experience students and interns come into the Academy and Semi-Pro teams. I’ve introduced them all to the benefits of Nacsport and it works brilliantly in both the amateur and professional setting. I can be filming from a banking in the rain on a Saturday and go to a 30,000 seater stadium on Sunday. In the professional setting I would be letting the film crew film whilst live coding, and in the amateur setting I would be filming myself and conducting the post-match analysis, all using Nacsport.

Using Nacsport in an Amateur SettingUsing Nacsport in a Professional Setting

I can’t recommend the Nacsport software highly enough. It has enabled me to follow my dream of becoming a performance analyst and has given me the edge when looking for employment within this sector. Also, the support you receive for Nacsport is second to none. I never have to wait long for any answers to my emails and the team simply cannot do enough for you when you’re in need. You really feel like a valued customer! I look forward to further developing my relationships with Josh at AnalysisPro Ltd and Nacsport into the future.

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