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Codimg Schools Project

At the start of this week, Jon travelled to Exeter House School to show how video analysis can have an impact on the amazing environment they have there, where interaction and engagement are key approaches with the students. Jon showcased Codimg to the inspirational people who attended and it was great for them to acknowledge the benefits of the processes it can provide straight away. We’re really looking forward to working with the School, increasing the awareness of the fantastic work they do and also showing how video analysis is a powerful tool to use in educational settings. We hope that it will also show other sectors like the medical and industry settings what can be achieved with Codimg and video analysis processes. To read a bit more about the day, check out this blog post from CARIAD.

We also got to see the first draft of our new website this week and we can’t wait to get it finished and show it off to all of you! As we move into a new year with lots of exciting prospects and developments ahead of us, we want to have a fresh space for you all to keep track of everything we do and provide to bring #AnalysisForAll

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