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Everton FC choose AP Capture for their filming solution

You may have seen a previous post of ours which gave details on a trip we took to show AnalysisPro Ltd solutions to Everton FC, Man Utd, Liverpool and our current users Aston Villa. On the visit we were mainly showing AP Capture and the Mobile Tripod IP Camera solution which was greatly received by all. To see that previous post, please click here.

This week, we are pleased to announce that Everton FC have ordered our 16×9 Wireless Mobile Tripod solution! The team will be able to easily move this around and set it up by any of their pitches. The wireless capability they have chosen also means that after they have set the camera up, they can control it from their computer without having to have the laptop on the tray of the tripod. This picture gives a snapshot of when we were demonstrating the solution to the club back in February.


This news also ties in well with a new video we released this week giving an overview of the new setup at Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) which includes 5 fixed IP cameras all being controlled by our AP Capture software. The university have three different masts to hold the IP cameras. Two collapsable masts which stand tall at 6 metres and 12 metres, along with a hydraulic mast which can extend from 4 metres up to 15 metres! The two highest masts have a fixing for two IP cameras which means that the university can monitor lots of pitches or create multiple angles for one pitch simultaneously. This is a really impressive setup and we are really pleased to see our joint vision working perfectly. Thanks to Darrell Cobner and the team at the University,we are also holding free open days to show this solution to anybody interested, so if you would like to attend, find out more information and how to apply by clicking this link.

We will leave you with this video to enjoy!

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