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Exeter Chiefs’ Nacsport Updates, Training & Renewals

This week, I travelled to Sandy Park to meet up with the Exeter Chiefs Academy Analyst, Gareth Elliott. I’ve worked closely with Gareth over the last year as he has driven to improve the performance analysis workflows carried out within the three Exeter Chiefs Academy teams that are run out of Bicton College, Ivybridge College and Truro College. Bicton College were early users of both Nacsport and Team Performance Exchange before Exeter Chiefs decided to choose both of these solutions to implement across all of the academy teams as you can see in this previous blog post.

Firstly, we would like to say a big thanks to Exeter Chiefs for recently renewing both their TPE subscription and Nacsport Technical Support and Update services for their Scout Plus and Basic Plus licences. We’re really pleased that the first year of the club using this powerful combination of different products has gone well and we’re looking forward to continuing and developing this relationship long into the future!

Both Gareth and I agree that we would like each of the colleges to push forward their work with Nacsport, so on Wednesday we met each of the college coaches individually to see how they are currently using the software and how we can then push them forward to more powerful and beneficial workflows that importantly won’t add to their current workload. As with most of the training sessions I provide, the focus was on template development! In my eyes, a template is the key to unlocking the door to those key moments of a video which can then be analysed to have an impact on performance. Something which was summarised in this tweet from Nacsport:

Morning! Remember that a good template is a key factor for a good analysis to extract great results! #PerformanceAnalysis #AnalysisForAll

— Nacsport (@Nacsport) September 24, 2014

A common misconception I see and hear is that a template which is packed full of buttons must be a good template. The only way to define whether a template is good or not is if it is efficient and functional FOR YOU. If you can break down your video with 5 buttons that will pick out key moments for you to analyse further and have an impact on performance, then that template is good for you. I always recommend starting with a simple template and then developing from there. Create buttons for the key things you want to analyse, get efficient with using the template and then assess whether you could add more.

With the different colleges we met, each coach had their own template. For one coach we went back to basics and started a fresh template to pick out the key things he always focusses on in his training and game plans, and for another we created a second template which would just be used for analysing defence as that was a key component they were focussing on now. With Bicton College, they had a template with more buttons as they were more comfortable with the whole analysis process. For them, we focussed on showing the importance of descriptor buttons that would make their eventual review and presentations easier. By adding extra bits of information into their video clips, they would save a lot more time in the review process so they could quickly add specific moments into a presentation window to add notes and drawings onto them.

By the end of the day, we were confident that we had helped further each coach’s understanding of different parts of the analysis process and developed their use of Nacsport. Gareth works closely with all of the colleges so we will be keeping an eye on their progress and carrying out regular reviews to see where workflows can be improved without increasing workloads!

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