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Exeter Chiefs renew MyTPE and Nacsport

Today, we would like to say thanks to Exeter Chiefs again for renewing their Nacsport Scout Plus and Basic Plus technical support and update service contracts for another year, along with renewing and expanding their MyTPE platform. The club first got on board with these two synergetic tools back in 2013, so we’re really pleased that they continue to benefit from them both. Both Nacsport and MyTPE have had major updates and facelifts since 2013, so it’s also nice to know that these developments are appreciated by our users and keep them coming back for more!

Both of these solutions are used to enable the Exeter Chiefs Academy teams to analyse their perfomances, benefit from those workflows and also send back that information to Academy Analyst Gareth Elliott for him and the Exeter Chiefs team to delve into further and keep track of their academy player’s progress. The online MyTPE platform is used in wider capactities within the club rather than just the Academy teams associated to the Chiefs, and Gareth has kindly provided us with some more information about how and why the Exeter Chiefs continue to use this online athlete management and file sharing platform.

We use MyTPE for our academy developemt programme from ages 12 through 23, and the main benefit is the distance learning element, due to us having young players spread across two counties. The main function is using the site to upload videos, which academy players can watch and comment on. This then helps their game understanding, which is a huge part of improving them as a player. We also use the calendar function to keep everyone up-to-date with up and coming training and fixtures. Another good feature is the questionnaire tool, which we use to track what kind of training players are doing away from the club. The site is available across different platforms and is a professional form of communication, as apposed to social media sites for example. It is also becoming a useful tool for the development of coaches around the area who have more contact time with players. If we can improve the knowledge and practice of these coaches, we will then improve the players.

So again we would like to say a big thanks to both Gareth and the Exeter Chiefs for their continued trust in us. Best of luck for the season!

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