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At AnalysisPro, we take our support very seriously. If you are one of our current users, hopefully you will agree that we get back to you quickly to acknowledge your questions and then resolve any issues in the fastest way possible. As our community of users continues to grow, we want to ensure that everybody can still benefit from these same levels of support. For this reason, the first place we looked to expand our company was in the Support Department

We began our expansion by bringing a new member into the AnalysisPro team, Daniel Moore. Daniel previously studied media & video production, and carried out freelance filming for the Welsh Rugby Union and analysis with Swansea RFC. Before joining us, Daniel was an Apple certified technician and support professional, providing one to one tuition, mechanical repairs and online support.

In his spare time, Daniel develops and builds a variety of drones, from racers to long range missions ships that can fly for nearly an hour, guided by GPS and on-board auto pilots. We have previously used Daniel’s expertise in this field and his knowledge of long range video transmission with our users and can of course continue to share this.

Daniel Moore

Daniel has been helping lots of our users since joining and has also been working hard on our new dedicated support website. On this site, we have a Knowledge Base for our different products, filled with articles to help ensure that you can get the most out of your tools. Daniel continues to add articles to this site to present you with the most efficient way of getting up to speed with your processes, so make sure to utilise what’s on offer, trust us!

You can easily access our support site here: http://support.analysispro.com/

AnalysisPro Support Site

We now also have a ticketing system so that we can be more efficient with tracking your questions, requests and reported issues. You don’t have to do anything differently though, it’s just one for us!

This new platform and support mechanisms have been made possible by the fantastic team over at Fortifi, thanks guys!

For the fastest way to get in touch with us for any of your support queries, check out our Knowledge Base, Open a Ticket or just email us on support@analysispro.com !

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