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Halifax RLFC Video Analysis Workflows

Halifax RLFC have again expanded their video analysis provisions and workflows for the 2016 season. Halifax started working with Nacsport Scout Plus licences at the start of the 2014 season, and since then, Chris O’Connor has also worked more directly with the club too using his own Nacsport Scout Plus licence. Chris shared a great post with us last year showing how he used Nacsport with Halifax RLFC and other football teams too, which you can read here.

Chris O'Connor and Josh Bryan

This year, Halifax RLFC are expanding into online athlete management, file sharing and online analysis by using both MyTPE and MyTPA.

Chris O’Connor captures and analyses their matches live through Nacsport, with further analysis being carried out by the coaches on two other Nacsport machines, leading to three different timelines looking at specific parts of the game (Attack, Defense, Individual). These timelines are then joined together, with Chris using the data to generate statistical reports in Microsoft Excel and the new Nacsport Dashboard tool (see video below). The captured footage and XML files of these timelines are then uploaded into MyTPA so that players and coaches can review the timelines and matrix on their own computer or tablet. Once the project is online, further analysis can be added and players can also create playlist of key clips, adding their own notes onto them to empower self analysis and reflection.

Nacsport at Halifax RLFC

MyTPA also gives the Halifax academy team their own video analysis tool. As they don’t do live analysis, they upload their match footage onto MyTPA and then analyse fully using personalised templates they have created in MyTPA. The coaches and players can then carry out the same review processes as the 1st team. The 1st team also have a MyTPE site, which gives them more management, communication and monitoring tools too.

With MyTPE, the playlists created in MyTPA can instantly be accessed for further team review and comments by everybody, again enhancing the feedback and learning workflows. Messaging, notifications and calendars on MyTPE keep the whole communication and planning of the team running smoothly, with questionnaires and other data plotting and monitoring tools being used to track and review player progressions.

But don’t just take our word for it! Below is a testimonial from Head Coach Richard Marshall about how the different tools have an impact for the team. You can see the full overview on this dedicated page of the Halifax RLFC website.

The video analysis solutions that we use, provided by AnalysisPro, benefit us in terms of the feedback we can give to the players. Building on our relationship in 2015, we now have MyTPE and MyTPA systems, which allows our coaches to share sessions and ideas. We can add clips and films onto the system which acts like an ‘online database’ of software which the players have access too. We have taken a step up in our level of analysis from last year and hopefully this will be evident both on and off the field.

Nacsport is one of the best systems out there, which suits the way in which we like to analyse and review matches. In Nacsport we run our own internal scoring system, which allows us to quantify every action each player does. Actions are scored depending on in the player does something positive or negative. This includes the amount of work a player does during a match.

We are in constant communication with Josh at Analysis Pro and our relationship with them is excellent. The support we receive is great and we enjoy the way they work.

We’re really pleased that Halifax are continuing to grow the relationship we have with them and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Richard and Chris well into the future. Of course we would also like to thank them for also choosing MyTPE and MyTPA to use alongside their Nacsport licences. All the best for 2016!

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