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How Bicton College use Nacsport

Bicton College, based near Exeter in SW England, provide high quality rugby opportunities to students studying at Bicton College as one of the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Academy teams (read more here). Bicton College first started working with Nacsport Basic Plus back in 2012 after we introduced them to different video analysis solutions like Nacsport and MyTPE. Since then, Exeter Chiefs also adopted Nacsport’s video analysis software as the solution for their academy teams, so Bicton College received an additional Basic Plus and Scout Plus licence through that partnership. The college have continued to expand on how they use the software for analysing team performance, and in February of this year, Bicton College got 6 more Basic Plus licences to enable their players to carry out their own self analysis.

Recently, I went to catch up with Sam Morton and Rob Gibson at Bicton College to see their new rugby facilities and how they are using Nacsport. The rugby academy have recently moved into a refurbished building which gives them a more spacious office for Rob, Sam and Glenn Channing to organise the team and provide video feedback to players through Nacsport on the big touch screen when they come into the office.

There is also a dedicated “war room” containing computers with Nacsport Basic Plus, which players can use to review their games and analyse themselves with individual templates and dashboards. When I visited, it was still the summer holidays so students didn’t need to be in at the college. However, Bicton had played a game the day before and within 1 hour, 5 different players had come in to review the game and analyse their own performance with their personalised template!

Sam Morton has spent a lot of time creating a standardised individual template for each player to use, along with using the new dashboard tool to provide each player with an additional feedback tool and evidence for their player progression through the year. Workflows have been established and each player is talked through what they need to do to carry out their analysis with their own template on the Nacsport software, along with how to review that using the dashboard and matrix for example.

Sam has also kindly provided a testimonial to let you know in his own words how Nacsport is used at Bicton College and what they think of the whole solutions they use!

With the help of AnalysisPro Ltd, Bicton College Rugby Academy’s use of Nacsport has grown our Rugby programme from strength to strength, none more so than in the last 12 months. With both Scout Plus and Basic Plus packages on campus, we have created an environment that is player and team focused.

The use of Scout Plus licences has given us coaches the ability to analyse all our games in depth, in turn giving us the ability to present this clearly and accurately both on an individual and team basis. Being able to create large templates has helped in analysing many different facets of play in a very simple, quick and effective way.

The ability to transfer data from one Nacsport licence to any others has proven invaluable. The recent move into new offices has allowed the academy to have an analysis lab where 6 computers are placed for student access. Students are encouraged to lead their own development by creating and utilising individual templates and the new dashboard tool, from which they can clip up and review their own game. After clipping out their games, players transfer their data to the coach’s Scout Plus computers so that we can link it into the team analysis, creating a fully comprehensive game analysis.

The addition of the new dashboards tool has been a great accompaniment to an already great product. The ability to have quick visual feedback during and after games has proved invaluable in the learning process.

AnalysisPro are great to work with and have helped with the set up of all equipment, regularly throwing ideas into the mix that create the best environment possible in helping our players learn and use analysis as a mode of improving as a player.


We would like to say thanks to Bicton College for their continued trust in our software and their ever increasing use of our features, and also thanks to Sam for providing us with this testimonial and insight into the performance analysis workflows and environment at Bicton College.

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