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IRFU’s expanding use of MyTPE & 6 Nations feedback

Today, I am pleased to announce that the IRFU have again renewed their Team Performance Exchange (MyTPE) site and also expanded on who will be using the site. The site was originally set up back in 2012 so the IRFU are one of our longest MyTPE users. It has been used by different parts of the organisation, like the Women’s Sevens team for example, but during the last year the site has been used by the IRFU Women’s team in the build up to their very successful 2015 Six Nations Campaign. The site was used by the team throughout that campaign and Performance Analyst Brian Fitzgerald has kindly shared some words (below) on how the site is used by the team and how it benefits them. More recently, the size of the site has been expanded so that the IRFU Men’s Sevens team can also benefit from the features of this powerful online athlete management and file sharing solution. We’re really pleased that the IRFU continue to use our services and we’re excited to see how the Men’s Sevens team benefit from it too! I want to say thanks to the IRFU for their continued trust in us and good luck to both teams for the year ahead.

As mentioned above, Brian Fitzgerald kindly provided a testimonial about MyTPE so I will leave you with his words. Please contact us if you would like to know more about MyTPE or set up a demo site for your team/organisation.

Team Performance Exchange (TPE) was a big help to the Irish Women’s rugby team and formed an integral part of the performance analysis process during the 2015 Six Nations success. I was first introduced to TPE this year by the IRFU and it was seen as the solution to being able to communicate and share ideas with players outside of camp. The platform allowed us to share files between players by uploading to the online platform which every team member and management had access to through a unique login and password. This facility allowed coaches to share information with individual players or specific groups of players and created a line of communication between coaches and players. The ease of use of the platform allowed members to login using their own laptop, iPad or mobile and they could access the files from the comfort of their own home.

The individual login allowed coaches to communicate ideas and give feedback to individual players in a secure and safe manner. The site’s comments facility encouraged discussion amongst coaches and players. The site allowed the management to easily monitor player’s interaction with the interface by being able to see what files were viewed and how much time each player was spending on the site. This facility informed the coaches on the types of videos and PDFs that were necessary to get the message across in a clear and concise manner.

During the Six Nations we had 42 members, which included both players and coaches. The platform was used as a means of reviewing training, game analysis and looking at the opposition. The site allowed different folders and groups to be created, which meant that forwards for example, could access set-piece clips such as scrum and line-outs and a discussion could be initiated between those group members. These discussions allowed coaches to then use this feedback of the player’s thoughts to present the opposition videos in a clear manner in which the players themselves could understand easily. This was felt as a key aspect to the player’s preparation during the six nations championship.

I would definitely recommend teams to use TPE as it provided an online platform where players and management could interact to maximise the performance analysis process by utilising the numerous features of the site.

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