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Irish Rugby begin journey with Nacsport

As you may have seen in this previous blog, Nacsport is used in different leagues all over the UK. Today we are really pleased to announce that Nacsport will also be used more over in Ireland, as the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) have started their journey with Nacsport by getting two Scout Plus licences.

Coincidentally, these licences will be used by IRFU Scouts! One of the key capabilities for the IRFU which is offered with this version of Nacsport, is to be able to quickly import an existing SportsCode package. This is one of the features released in the most recent public update which many teams from different sports around the globe are really enjoying, as they have a combination of Nacsport and SportsCode licences within their organisation.

Irish Rugby Football Union use Nacsport

With Scout Plus (and also the version below, Basic Plus), Nacsport users can also export an XML of their timeline analysis, meaning that the analysis carried out in Nacsport can then be imported into other timeline tools (like SportsCode) which use the XML format. Being able to underpin the SportsCode licences in the IRFU and expand their analysis provisions with Nacsport licences is helping their processes to spread further throughout the organisation and we’re really pleased to be a part of that!

We can now count on both the IRFU and the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) as Nacsport users and are very happy to say that! Check out this previous blog to see what SRU Lead Analyst Rob Holdsworth has to say about the use of Nacsport and working with AnalysisPro throughout the SRU.

In this recent blog, you may also have seen that we are continuing to work with another Rugby National Governing Body, the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU). The WRU once again continued their subscription to a multiple team MyTPE solution, which they started with back in 2012. Their solution caters for all of the Regional Academy teams, the Women’s team, 500 Referees, the 7s team, U18s, U20s and Coach Education.

WRU continue to use AP Viewer

The WRU have also continued their subscription of the AP Packager application which is used alongside our iPad review app, AP Viewer. There are 90 iPads within the WRU that can use our iPad app to review their analysis, with multiple angles, drawing tools and a full timeline and matrix.

We would like to say a warm welcome to the IRFU as they start their journey with Nacsport and of course another thankyou to the WRU for renewing their use of our AP Viewer app and the MyTPE platform.

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