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Leicester City FC renew MyTPE and AP Viewer

Today we would like to say thanks to Leicester City FC for recently renewing their AP Viewer and MyTPE contracts. Leicester have been using both MyTPE and AP Viewer since 2013, so we are really pleased that they continue to trust in the products and services that we provide. In fact, Leicester have also increased the amount of AP Viewer licences they have available for players and coaches to use by getting an additional 4 licences to be used on other iPads. With this recent renewal and additional licences, Peter Clark (First Team Performance Analyst) has also requested for a new skin design for their AP Viewer licences, which you can see here.

Leicester City FC AP Viewer Skin Design

Peter was kind enough to provide us with a testimonial about AP Viewer and how it is used with the team, and Matt Reeves (Head of Fitness and Conditioning) has provided us with a testimonial about MyTPE (Team Performance Exchange) and how that continues to be used by the team. Please find the testimonials below, but for now we would like to say a big thanks to Leicester City FC for their continued support and to Peter and Matt for taking the time to provide us with their testimonials, pictures and videos of AP Viewer in use by the team. At the bottom of this blog you can see a video of AP Viewer in use by the Leicester City FC players whilst they are in a recovery session.

AP Viewer:

AP Viewer has been a vital tool in helping to evolve our post-match workflows here at Leicester City. The manager and his coaching team now have access to a fully coded, multi angle timeline within minutes of the full-time whistle. The simplicity yet functionality of the application means that our games are now being reviewed in much greater depth by the coaching staff, both in the immediate aftermath as well as in the following days. The ease and speed at which our games are now reviewed has meant an increased efficiency of workflows in preparing content to be delivered to the players as part of the debrief process. The annotation tools and ability to quickly navigate between games and instances, means that our coaches are able to conduct analysis with players on a more ad hoc basis as well as conducting formal debrief reviews using the app. Overall, I would recommend the addition of AP viewer to any performance analysis department looking to progress the quality and efficiency of their analysis, no matter what sport or level.

Peter Clark

First Team Performance Analyst



Team Performance Exchange has been used throughout the past three seasons at Leicester City, with the specific purpose of hosting our close-season programs. If we cannot capture the player’s attention and make these programs widely accessible, then it doesn’t matter how good the information is, they will have no impact. Gone are the days when a player would leave at the end of the season with a paper booklet in hand. Instead, players now have 24/7 access to information wherever in the world they might be. With each player given their own individual login details, not only can we track login activity but also control the information each player has access to. Online files allow videos, pictures and questionnaires to be easily integrated within their programs. Of course, should circumstances change or a player require new information, then staff have the ability to easily upload and alter information at the click of a button.

Matt Reeves

Head of Fitness and Conditioning


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