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Live Streaming at Millfield School

This Wednesday (11/02/15) we were at Millfield School with Charlie Barwis (Performance Analyst) and the Millfield Tennis department to demonstrate the streaming solution we provide.

As you will have seen in previous blogs, Millfield School have multiple IP Cameras which can be viewed, controlled and recorded through AP Capture from any point around the school where the network can be dialled into (everywhere!). The outdoor pitches have the 16×9 IP Cameras installed and the indoor Tennis Centre and Sports Hall have the 4×3 IP Cameras. The usual filming process is for the coaches or Charlie to record matches or training through AP Capture, then carry out live analysis with the Nacsport Tag&go iPad app or Nacsport software they have. After this, the analysis is shared to the iPad app AP Viewer, online to the MyTPA (Team Performance Analyser) platform and also to the management and sharing platform MyTPE (Team Performance Exchange) where further discussions and learning can take place. So as you can see, there are some really powerful and effective workflows taking place at the school already! To see most of those workflows in action, check out this video.

In August 2014, we showed you how Millfield School had focussed on expanding the different performance analysis provisions available into more sports, which you can see more information about in this blog. The Millfield Tennis department have continued to develop on how they use performance analysis to improve student’s performances and understanding through detailed video feedback, and we are delighted to say that they have now also got another Nacsport Tag&go licence so that more of the coaches can carry out live analysis of training and matches.

To give some more context to all of this, Charlie was kind enough to share these words:

We have recently got a fourth Tag&go licence for use around the school which will complement our developing performance analysis provisions in Tennis. This licence will be the second one for Tennis and will allow the coaches to live code both matches and training, providing objective feedback through video and statistics. We also have the coaches and pupils still using their Nacsport Basic Plus licence to analyse things further. The coaches conduct analysis post match/ training session and the pupil can then reflect and continue to develop once the session is over with specific clips shared online through MyTPE. As part of the ongoing development, we are also now exploring live streaming with AnalysisPro Ltd and the IP Cameras they have provided us with.


So, you can see what’s next in store for Millfield School! Live Streaming!!!


Many of the sports students at Millfield School compete or train at Elite and International levels, and some students travel from overseas to attend the school and benefit from the high quality teaching, support and development on offer at the school. Team and Individual matches at the school can attract a lot of attention and spectators, but the School is aware that there is a wider audience who would love to see events happening but can’t attend if they are away from the School or overseas for example. Millfield School also want to have the TVs around the school showing matches that are happening, so that nobody is ever too far away from the action. Charlie had this to say about streaming:

The live streaming provides Millfield Tennis and the School the opportunity to reach a wider audience to showcase our talent. It will give parents from around the globe the chance to watch their sons and daughters compete for the school, while the video footage provided compliments the applied performance analysis support given to pupils.

When we were initially showcasing the benefits of IP Cameras to David Faulkner and Charlie Barwis, we let them know about the broadcasting capabilities that we would then also be able to provide once they were installed. This was one of the key factors for the School when choosing our solution and it’s great that we have now all been able to see the streaming in action!


The Match

A match between Millfield School students Luke Hammond and Angus Bradshaw was scheduled for Wednesday 11th February and chosen as a good chance for the school to pilot and see the streaming solution in action. We decided to stream the video onto our AnalysisPro Ltd YouTube channel as the School were still looking at creating their own channel which wouldn’t be ready for the match. After arriving at the School, we placed a directional boom mic at the back of the court in the tennis centre and also prepared some overlays and videos that could be mixed into the stream, which would mainly be using the feed from the IP Camera.

With Charlie’s laptop, AP Capture was running to position the IP Camera viewpoint and record the footage as usual. The camera position was left in one place as it was not required to be moved, so Charlie’s laptop served as a viewing point in the Tennis office with AP Capture running in full screen mode. On my laptop, we mixed in different videos, the microphone and score overlays to the IP Camera feed that would all be streamed live to our YouTube channel in 720p. We wanted to ensure that a mix of videos and overlays was used in the stream so that everyone could see a few of the features available, but we also worked closely with the IT department so they could monitor the network’s traffic and usage during the stream.

We kept the live stream unlisted on YouTube and Charlie shared the link with students, staff, parents and other interested parties who all had some great feedback to give when they were viewing the match from different parts of the globe and on different devices too! A few of the coaches stayed in the Tennis Office with us as they could view the live video on AP Capture and also the delayed stream (about 30 seconds on YouTube) which we displayed on a TV through a Chromecast. The coaches really enjoyed the ability to review the match as it was happening, and we showed that becuase the video was streaming to YouTube, they could stay on the Live view or scrub back through the video to review anything they wanted too.

We would like to say thanks to Millfield School for continuing to explore the different products and services we can provide, thanks to Charlie for organising and preparing the whole event and also thanks to Luke and Angus for such a great display of Tennis which you can see below. Once a stream event has finished, the video is stored on your YouTube channel so that you can continue to review it however many times you want. Millfield School were kind enough to change this video from unlisted to public so that you can all see the results of this live stream!

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