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Liverpool FC expand use of AP Capture

If you saw this blog from last year (click for more details), you would have seen when we announced the installation of our AP Capture solutions at Liverpool FC‘s Melwood Training Ground. Two of our IP Cameras were installed at the training ground so that different pitches and activities could be easily filmed from within the analysis office. The cameras have been fixed onto existing structures at the training ground, using the customised brackets and rain/shade covers that we are able to produce. 

These cameras were controlled at different times from one laptop running AP Capture, but Liverpool FC have now got an additional AP Capture licence and laptop so that they can control and capture both cameras at the same time as you can see in this picture.

AP Capture Licences in use at Liverpool FC

Harrison Kingston  (Performance Analyst at Liverpool FC) had these words to say about using our AP Capture solutions:

We are very pleased to now have two AP Capture machines controlling and capturing our training ground IP Cameras provided by AnalysisPro Ltd. Controlling the cameras is smooth and easy, with the footage created being of great quality for our video analysis workflows. Being able to use both cameras at the same time has enhanced our video collection processes.

We would like to say thanks to Liverpool FC for their continued use of our AP Capture solutions and to Harrison for providing his testimonial!

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