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London Scottish FC’s end of season Nacsport Testimonial

With only the knockout matches remaining in the 2016-17 Greene King IPA Championship, the season for London Scottish FC has now finished. As you may have read last year, the team decided to bulk out their analysis department and team review processes by switching over to more Nacsport licences instead of the SportsCode software they previously used. As part of a 3-year agreement, the club acquired a Nacsport Elite licence along with 3 Nacsport Scout Plus Unlimited licences and 4 Nacsport Viewer licences.

You can read more about London Scottish choosing Nacsport and it’s use by the whole team at the start of the season in this previous blog (click the picture).

Jonathan Bray has been heading up the analysis department at London Scottish and has kindly provided this testimonial to give some insight into how the club have found using Nacsport this season, with attention paid to how it has impacted the player’s own reviews and analysis workflows.

Now we have finished our season and are able to review what we did, I can safely say one of the best decisions I made for the club was to move away from SportsCode and introduce the Nacsport software through AnalysisPro. The amount we have been able to do with the software has been very impressive. Generating the data for in depth statistical reviews of teams and individuals has been important, however it is the video features that have been of most benefit. The ability to build presentations, add drawings and easily edit the clips has allowed us to deliver more engaging, accurate and concise team meetings which has had a direct impact upon performance.  

London Scottish FC team reviews with Nacsport

Furthermore, the players have become increasingly receptive to the software. Initially, some had doubts having never used it before, but now they are comfortable not only reviewing their own performances but also conducting opposition previews to present to the team!

London Scottish FC players reviewing performances with Nacsport Viewer

During matches we have been able to use the live capturing, registering, reviewing and dashboard features to good effect. This has been very beneficial as it streamlined our processes and provided a few key stats for the coaches during the game.

Finally, like with any new software, there are occasional teething problems. However, with the support of Josh, Alberto and Icenk, we have been able to overcome any issue. The remote support provided was arranged at short notice, at a time that suited my workload and was incredibly beneficial. I would definitely recommend Nacsport to any club or organisation seeking affordable video analysis software.

We would like to thank Jonathan for providing this testimonial and helping his team to get the most out of Nacsport this season. Sadly, Jonathan is moving away from the world of Performance Analysis at the end of this season, so we wish him the best of luck in his new ventures!

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