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Michael Byrnes: Enhancing GAA Performance with Video Analysis

In the highly competitive world of Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) sports, every team is looking for an edge to improve their performance and gain an advantage over their opponents. Performance analysis is a critical component of this pursuit, and teams are increasingly turning to video analysis software tools, like Nacsport, to take their analysis process to the next level. One such team is Offaly GAA, and their Performance Analyst, Michael Byrnes. The Offaly county football team has been utilising the Nacsport video analysis software to help them gain insights into their players' performances.

In this case study, we will take a closer look at Michael's experience using the Nacsport software, and explore how it has helped him and the Offaly GAA team improve their analysis process and ultimately, their performance on the field. We will examine the specific challenges Michael faced prior to using Nacsport, the benefits he has realised since implementing the software, and his thoughts on its various features and tools. We will also explore how Nacsport has helped Michael stay organised, share his analysis more effectively with his team, and track player performance over time. By the end of this case study, you will better understand the impact that video analysis software can have on a team's performance, and how Michael and Offaly GAA have leveraged Nacsport to gain a competitive advantage in the world of GAA sports.


Michael Byrnes - Performance Analyst at Offaly GAA
Michael Byrnes - Performance Analyst at Offaly GAA


What specific challenges were you facing in your GAA analysis process before using Nacsport?

"Before implementing Nacsport into my analysis process, I was facing some significant challenges in effectively analysing and reviewing player performances. My previous methods were time-consuming, inefficient, and lacked the level of detail and granularity I needed to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, I found it challenging to collaborate and share my analysis effectively with the coaching staff and players in a format that was also easy for them to visualise and understand. However, since integrating Nacsport into my workflow, I've been able to streamline our analysis process, gain deeper insights into player performances, and share my analysis more effectively with the team with even more impactful visualisations."

Michael Byrnes - Offaly GAA

How has the Nacsport video analysis software helped you improve your analysis process?

“Nacsport has greatly improved my analysis process, and the dashboards have been particularly beneficial for me and my visualisations for the team. With Nacsport, it's easy to find the information I need quickly, as the dashboard allows me to access it instantly. In my opinion, good analysis requires a combination of video and statistics, and the dashboard provides both. By having access to both video and statistical data, I can create more comprehensive analysis reports that help me make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement."

Can you give some specific examples of how Nacsport has helped you identify areas for improvement in your players' performance?

“Nacsport has been a valuable tool for identifying areas for improvement in my players' performance. One specific feature that has been particularly helpful is the graphic descriptor, which allows me to analyse our performance on certain areas of the pitch. For example, I can use the graphic descriptor to pinpoint areas where we may be shooting from inefficient positions or to evaluate our success rate in specific areas when it comes to our kickouts. By using Nacsport to analyse our performance in this way, I can gain a deeper understanding of our strengths and weaknesses as a team and develop strategies to improve our overall performance.”

How has Nacsport helped to streamline your analysis process?

“The user-friendly interface and efficient workflows of Nacsport have been incredibly beneficial in streamlining my analysis process. On match day in particular, the panel flows feature allows me to quickly and easily collect a large amount of data. Additionally, the Coach Station feature helps me to easily share information with my players at halftime, without any obstacles or delays. I use the AP Wireless unit from AnalysisPro to create my own network for sharing the video and data from my Nacsport machine to our team's review devices.This has been particularly helpful in ensuring that our team is able to make adjustments quickly and effectively during games.

The button exclusions feature has helped to increase the level of accuracy when doing live tagging, which has further streamlined my analysis process. With Nacsport, I can easily share our performance with the management and team straight away after the game, which has been helpful in providing immediate feedback and identifying areas for improvement.”

Have you noticed any significant improvements in player performance since implementing Nacsport into your analysis process?

“Using Nacsport, we are able to target a specific area on the pitch where we were previously turning over possession too frequently, and in a potentially dangerous location. By identifying this issue and working on it during training, we have been able to reduce turnovers and improve our overall performance in that area.

Additionally, Nacsport has helped us improve our tactical fouling, contributing to our overall success on the field. By analysing our performance in this area and identifying areas for improvement, we have been able to make targeted changes to our strategy, resulting in improved player performance.”

Have you received feedback from your players or coaching staff regarding the use of Nacsport in your analysis process?

“One key benefit we have noticed is that players are more engaged during feedback sessions. The dynamic slider feature has been helpful in comparing halves or quarters of games on the dashboard, providing management and players with greater insight into our performance. This has led to more questions and discussions, which has been a valuable part of our analysis process and is a great indicator that the analysis and use of Nacsport are making an impact.”

How has Nacsport helped you stay organised and effectively track player performance over time?

“One way it has helped is by allowing me to save individual dashboards as pictures, which enables me to view and compare the performance of a player from one game to the next. Additionally, I have found it useful to gather data from multiple games and upload it into a "master" dashboard to see how a player is performing over time. This has allowed us to track our players' progress and identify areas for improvement more easily.”

Are there any particularly useful features or tools within Nacsport that you utilise frequently?

“There are a few features and tools within Nacsport that I find particularly useful, but the one that stands out to me the most is the dashboard tool. This was actually one of the major reasons why I chose Nacsport as my analysis tool in the first place. I use the dashboard frequently to easily and quickly find the information I need. It provides a combination of video and statistical analysis, which has been extremely valuable in identifying areas for improvement in our players' performance. Overall, the dashboard tool has been a game-changer for me in terms of streamlining my analysis process and improving our team's performance.”

How has Nacsport helped you when compared to other methods you've used in the past?

“I have found that Nacsport has helped me save a significant amount of time and increase my analysis accuracy compared to other methods or tools I've used in the past. One of the things that has been particularly helpful is the online knowledge base from AnalysisPro. The knowledge base provides a wealth of resources, including articles and videos, that have helped me fine-tune my Nacsport skills and get the most out of the software. In my opinion, this resource is unparalleled compared to offerings from other analysis tools I've used in the past. It has been a great help in improving my analysis accuracy and efficiency, ultimately leading to better performance on the field.

Overall, Nacsport has transformed my analysis process, and I would highly recommend it to any coach or analyst in the sport of GAA.”


If you are looking to gain a competitive edge in GAA sports, the Nacsport video analysis software is an essential tool. Offaly GAA and their Performance Analyst, Michael Byrnes, have been using Nacsport to gain insights into their players' performances and improve their analysis process. By using Nacsport, Michael has been able to streamline his analysis process, gain deeper insights into player performances, and share his analysis more effectively with the team. The user-friendly interface and efficient workflows of Nacsport have been incredibly beneficial in Michael's analysis process.

For coaches, analysts, and players who are interested in improving their analysis process, saving precious time and enhancing their team's performance, a free trial of Nacsport is available to download. Try it for yourself and discover how Nacsport can revolutionise your analysis process and lead to better results on the pitch.





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