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Millfield Institute of Sport and Wellbeing Presentation

On Tuesday this week, we were invited to Millfield School to attend their presentation on the multidisciplinary work being carried out as part of the Millfield Institute of Sport and Wellbeing (MISW). We were presented to by David Faulkner (Director of Sport) who introduced what the school are aiming to achieve with their institute, before the staff providing S&C (termed “Athlete Development”), Physiotherapy and Performance Analysis support gave us an overview of the work they carry out with the students and coaches.

We were really impressed with the depth of knowledge and support provided to the students to enable them to become the best athletes they can be and prepare them in the best way possible for life as a professional or international athlete; which many Millfield students become across a wide range of sports. One of the standout aspects of the day was the synergetic multidiscplinary approach between the different support mechanisms. All of the departments communicated information to students and coaches during their group or one-to-one sessions, but also used the information from each other to better inform and improve the service they provide. For example, if a student reported feeling unwell or was struggling with a muscle movement, this information was shared to coaches and each department who would then vary the sessions they were going to provide them with. Team Performance Exchange has been a great asset for improving this communication and monitoring student wellbeing and performance, so it’s great for us to see the varied amount of benefits that TPE can provide being put to great use.

Charlie Barwis gave his presentation on how they use Performance Analysis at the school and was joined by the Directors of Rugby and Cricket who gave their personal feedback on how Charlie’s work and the different equipment and products we provide them with have improved performance within their environments. We’re pleased to have Millfield School using our full product range to have a really powerful PA environment for filming footage, analysing and sharing results.

We filmed Charlie’s presentation on a phone so you can see this information for yourself!

You can also see more information on the work each department carries out by viewing this PDF of the Millfield Windmill Magazine.

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