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Millfield School Performance Analysis – Preparing for Next Year

As you may well be aware of, last year saw us start a great relationship with Millfield School to get them up and running with some powerful Performance Analysis processes and products. Charlie Barwis was appointed as the Performance Analyst for the school and we have worked closely with him as he and the school have developed into having a truly professional and impressive Performance Analysis setup. As we prepare for further developing the environment for this next school year, Charlie wanted to reveal some new processes that will be put into place and why they are important:

“A year on from implementing a performance analysis dept at Millfield School, the challenge remains of how to cater for all 28 sports. Currently, the provision stretches to 5 team sports across the 3 terms, but with more sports becoming interested as to how PA could benefit both coaches and athletes, the need for empowering coaches could not be greater.

With the help of AnalysisPro, a new project will begin this September to get two sports (Tennis and Equestrian) up and running with PA provisions. Both sports will be provided with an IP Camera and AP Capture for their facility, a Nacsport Basic Plus and Tag&Go licence for analysis, as well as a TPE licence to share and distribute information, video and stats to their athletes.

My role is to ensure that the coaches understand the technology, to help them develop their skills using it and for them to become proficient in the process of providing objective feedback. The aim is for the service provided to become an integral part of their day to day delivery within their coaching process. I’m confident this project will provide a blueprint that we can use across other sports in the future.”

It’s great that in this new school year Charlie will be able to start empowering more coaches to take ownership of Performance Analysis as it’s something we previously discussed in our action plans together. We are confident that more and more of the sports who currently don’t get a full PA service from Charlie (there are only so many hours in the day!) will look to the Tennis and Equestrian setups and see how they can easily implement things themselves to provide their athletes with more informed feedback and analysis.

So as you can see from above, we also have some announcements to make! We are pleased to say that Millfield School will be acquiring some additional Nacsport and Tag&Go licences, along with 4 additional IP Cameras and AP Capture software. The new cameras will be situated around the Hockey Astro and Rugby Pitch and inside the Tennis and Equestrian centres. The IP Camera from the Cricket pitch will be moved to the Jubilee Sports Hall, and once the Rugby season is over, the new IP Camera from there will go over to the Cricket pitch for the next season. We asked Charlie what impact having these additional IP Cameras will have:

“The IP cameras will have a huge impact on how we capture and analyse sports at the school. With this provision, not only will matches be videoed but training sessions too, providing coaches and pupils further depth on areas of performance. Additionally, with 30% of our pupils living abroad, the live steaming capabilities that we are working on with AnalysisPro will mean that we can evnetually deliver video content of matches to parents and stakeholders across the globe via a YouTube channel.”

Along with Charlie and the School getting more equipment, we are delighted that the school will be renewing their Team Performance Exchange multiple-site platform, AP Viewer applications and Nacsport Technical Support and Update Service for their Nacsport licences. For us, this proves that the processes and products are working well and have become a vital part of sports performance at the School.

We are looking forward to the new term and further progressing the Performance Analysis environment at the school. Be sure to check in for further announcements from the School and to see examples of the workflows in place!

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