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More Nacsport for Bicton College

Carrying on from Monday’s them of people expanding their amount and use of Nacsport licences (SRU Premiership Bureau Service using Nacsport), this week we would like to let you know about Bicton College who have recently got 6 more Basic Plus licences to be used within their Rugby programme at the college. Bicton College originally started working with Nacsport back in 2012, and since the Exeter Chiefs analysis department provided Nacsport licences to their Academy Partner teams, Bicton have been using more of the software amongst their coaching staff to enhance the feedback provided to their players and subsequently their performance too. Glenn Channing from Bicton College was kind enough to provide us with a picture of some of the machines being used with Nacsport, along with a detailed description of how the College use Nacsport and what these new licences will also enable them to do now.

Bicton College use Nacsport

At Bicton College, we have been using Nacsport since 2012 and it continues to work really well for us, especially since our educational partnership with Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club has led us and the other academy colleges to utilise it more. At the club they use Nacsport to record and analyse training, which enables us as a college to replicate a variety of tactical and technical skills that are performed on a daily basis. We have 2 Scout Plus packages that are used by our coaches to make presentations for all the 90 players (boys/girls) that we have on our rugby programme. The variety of functions and tools available enables us to provide objective feedback through both video and statistics. We transfer our games onto the computers from a variety of cameras and video formats which Nacsport handles perfectly thanks to the large video compatibility it provides. This saves us time, as we don’t have to worry about converting our videos before we can work with them.

We have recently expanded our Nacsport provisions and have got 6 additional Basic Plus packages installed on laptops and desktops that our players use to analyse their own performances. Because the software is very simple for the players to use and understand, it’s a very effective tool for them to take ownership of their own performance under the guidance of the coaches.

Josh Bryan from AnalysisPro Ltd has provided us with top class software and applied support, which means that we are able to utilise the full potential of the features and workflows available from the software. The technical support provided by Josh and Nacsport is second to none as they are always on hand to help fix any issues that arise. The software is a really professional system and is also an affordable and versatile alternative to other more expensive options available on the market. To have these two outstanding companies working together with Bicton College is really helping us to provide a high quality of analysis for all of our players and coaches.

Many thanks to Glenn and all the Rugby staff at Bicton College for their continued trust in ourselves and Nacsport. We will continue to support you all and ensure that you get the most out of the different licences you have in use!

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