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More Rugby League teams using Nacsport

Last week, I shared a blog introducing some new Rugby Union teams to our Nacsport community and showing the different leagues in the UK and Ireland where you can find Nacsport in use. In another previous blog, you can see how Nacsport is used in more than 25 different sports. Today, I would like to welcome some new Rugby League teams into our Nacsport community!

As you may have seen from our previous blogs, Super League team Huddersfield Giants and Championship team Halifax RLFC currently use a combination of Nacsport and MyTPE for their video analysis processes. I’m delighted to say that we also have three more teams from the Kingstone Press Championship who have been using Nacsport this season. They are: London Broncos, Oldham Roughyeds and Sheffield Eagles (Academy).

From way across the pond (head East!), we are also welcoming Whitsundays Brahmans Rugby League as a new Nacsport user after they have chosen a Scout Plus licence to carry out their video analysis workflows. The software will be used by Cameron Wilkinson, who was a previous student of Cardiff Metropolitan University. Whilst studying, he used Nacsport for his dissertation looking at quick ball and its effects within Rugby League.

Sheffield Eagles have also chosen a Nacsport Scout Plus licence for their Academy, with this theme repeated for our other two new teams also!

Oldham Roughyeds will benefit from 3 Scout Plus licences which they have as part of a 3-year agreement and the same can be said for London Broncos who have also got 3 Scout Plus licences. Scout Plus certainly does seem like the starting version of choice in Rugby League!

London Broncos, Sheffield Eagles, Oldham Roughyeds and Whitsundays Brahmans all use Nacsport

Why Scout Plus?

In Scout Plus you can make templates with unlimited amounts of buttons. You can also make an unlimited amount of dashboards, meaning that you can easily review your analysis in a variety of ways with interactive dashboards. There is also the feature to view two angles side by side in your timeline and the ability to import SCpkg and GBpkg files so opening up SportsCode or Gamebreaker files in Nacsport is even faster than just the XML import.

One of the stand out features available in Scout Plus due to the workflows it enables is the option to open multiple tabs of timelines. In Scout Plus, you can open up to 5 different video timelines as tabs. This means you can easily review multiple games by switching between them and open up a matrix showing a combination of the data all in one window, where the clips can be viewed and the data exported. You can also create a presentation window which can be filled with registers from up to 5 different videos, which makes comparing actions across different games really beneficial for teams!

With the upgraded Scout Plus Unlimited version, you can carry out these workflows with more than 5 different videos, which is a feature only normally possible in Pro Plus and Elite.


We would like to thank London Broncos, Oldham Roughyeds, Sheffield Eagles and Whistundays Brahmans for choosing Nacsport as their Rugby League video analysis software of choice!

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