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Moseley RFC choose Synergetic Video Analysis Solutions

Here at AnalysisPro Ltd, we believe in building and delivering solutions to our users so that they can achieve the workflows they want in the most efficient, effective and affordable way possible. We know that there is not one product that can deliver what we see as a “complete” performance analysis solution, so we provide a variety of different solutions that can all work in synergy to make this possible. We feel that there are different components required for running and maintaining a complete performance analysis solution (it should always be evolving!), as you can see in this diagram:

So today, it’s great to be able to welcome a new team into our community who are using a combination of these different components from us to run some powerful and effective video analysis workflows.

Moseley RFC play in the Greene King IPA Championship, along with another of our newest users, London Scottish. Moseley have been developing their stand and facilities recently, with the stand due to be officially opened by England Rugby legend Martin Johnson on the 14th November. I got to have a look around these facilities at the start of October when I was delivering a training day to Moseley and their analyst Matt Harland, to ensure that the team could get the most out of their new toys from us!

Moseley have chosen our AP Capture Mobile Tripod solution for filming training out on the pitches, along with filming matches from stadium gantries (where the full height of the tripod is not always needed!). This footage is fed live into a Nacsport Pro Plus licence so that Matt can carry out live analysis, then also make use of the live review tools so that coaches down on the bench can wirelessly review registered video clips and the statistical dashboard live on their iPads. The recorded footage can then also be uploaded onto the MyTPA website, along with the data from the Nacsport analysis, so that all the players and coaches can easily review the timeline and matrix analysis on their computers or tablets, wherever and whenever they are. That’s a pretty impressive workflow don’t you think?!

On the training day, I firstly showed Matt through the essential features of Nacsport like creating a template, creating a dashboard and registering and reviewing a video.

We then progressed onto thinking about the workflows that Moseley will be able to carry out with their Nacsport Pro Plus licence on match day, and the new live review feature was going to be an important part of this. I showed Matt how to set this up with one click in Nacsport, followed by typing in some numbers into a browser on the other device (as long as both are on the same network). Needless to say, this hugely powerful feature is one of the fastest and simplest things to learn. So, bravo Alberto and the rest of the Nacsport team for continuing to make the things that seem hard, simple!

Before taking a closer look at the AP Capture solution and how that would be a major part of the live workflows, we explored the online tool that Moseley have also chosen, My Team Performance Analyser (MyTPA). This lets you upload a movie online so that you can analyse it on any computer or tablet with an internet connection, also allowing other members to add to the analysis, review what you have done and create playlists of the analysed clips too. Moseley will mainly be using MyTPA in their post event review and analysis, as once they have uploaded the captured footage from AP Capture, they can also import the XML file of the Nacsport analysis so that the work Matt carries out can be reviewed by the players and coaches with their individual logins to the platform.

After exploring and learning how to use MyTPA (another simple tool to learn!), we looked at how the IP Camera on the AP Capture Mobile Tripod could also feed into the Nacsport machine for a secondary live capture and analysis. This just meant connecting an ethernet cable from the Nacsport laptop to the switch we provide with the solution, so that AP Capture can be recording the footage and being used to control the camera, whilst Nacsport is also using the IP Camera signal for a live capture. In these pictures you can see the live feed going into both AP Capture and Nacsport, along with a live feed in AP Capture and a live review on an iPad thanks to the feature in Nacsport Pro Plus.

Finally, we looked at doing a test run of all these workflows for out on the pitch. So we went up to the gantry, where the IP Camera can be situated in a fixed mount and where the filming service provided to the league also happens. It’s a great spot for filming from!

I then went down pitch side to the Moseley bench to see if the club’s WiFi network would also reach both the gantry and the bench, so that the live review could take place. This worked smoothly, but there is always the option for the club to just get a router or our extended AP Wireless solution if there is too much traffic on the network on game day. The process doesn’t require an internet connection so it’s a simple thing to resolve! In this picture you can see where Matt is up on the gantry and how the live review on the iPad is taking clips from the Nacsport laptop up there too.

It was a great training day spent with Moseley, ensuring that Matt could carry out the different processes and was fully aware of the capabilities of this powerful analysis solution the club now have with a combination of synergetic products. It was also great to meet and show this all in action to Head Coach/Director of Rugby Kevin Maggs (70 caps for Ireland if you didn’t know!), who fully buys into the benefits of video analysis and sought out his old coach from his Bath Rugby days, our very own Jon Moore, to work out what solution would suit them best at the club.

Matt Harland has kindly provided a picture of the match day setup with AP Capture and Nacsport up in the gantry, along with some words about how they find working with our solutions:

The club approached AnalysisPro earlier this year before I came on full time at Moseley in September, where they were very helpful with the number of questions I fired at them regarding the software and products.  We found our previous analysis software limiting and we weren’t able to provide the coaches and players with the information they wanted and needed.  The club purchased a  Nacsport Pro Plus license, AP capture mobile tripod solution and MyTPA. The Nacsport license allows us to analyse pre and post match and we are also able to stream information to the dugout for the players and coaches to see during the game so they can review live stats and video from the game for feedback. The AP Capture camera will also eventually help us stream the game into the new stand and onto the TVs. It has allowed us to film training and provided us with another camera angle while filming home games. From the players perspective, the best addition has been the web based MyTPA game viewer as they have all found it easy to use and also extremely helpful when reviewing themselves as a team, individually and the upcoming opposition, all from home before they get to training.  The support from Jon and Josh from start to finish has been excellent, no question has been too difficult to answer and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their products.

We would all like to say a big thanks to Moseley RFC, Kevin and Matt for choosing our video analysis solutions, as we wish them the best of luck for this season and look forward to working closely with them well into the future.

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