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MyTPE used in different sports and settings

Today, we would like to take the opportunity to finally * (see below) welcome some MyTPE users who joined us last year. These users represent how MyTPE can be used in many different settings, sports, environments and performance levels to enhance communication, feedback and understanding within an organisation. We have also kindly been provided with a testimonial from one of these users which you will find towards the end of the blog. So let’s say hello to our new MyTPE users!

Firstly, we would like to welcome some sports teams. We are happy to count on the Hungarian Football Academy, Wasps Rugby Academy, Cardiff Blues U18, Huddersfield Giants (read more) and Halifax RLFC (story to follow soon) as teams that are using MyTPE to:

  • Share video analysis footage for the team to review and comment around
  • Manage their team with calendars and appointment reminders
  • Gather information from their team with personalised questionnaires
  • Track the progress of player development and S&C data through value graphs
  • Monitor one-to-one feedback provided through portfolios created by players
  • And much more!!

We would also like to welcome some new users from the world of education too! Merchant Taylor’s School are using MyTPE with their Rugby team, Loughborough University are using MyTPE with their Men’s Hockey team and Cardiff & Vale College recently renewed their MyTPE site which is being used by their Rugby team. We’re also really pleased that Dean Close School have chosen a Digital Platform MyTPE site to cover different sports and groups within their school. Led by Greg Baber-Williams, Director of Sport at Dean Close School, there are multiple individual sites within the platform which can all be simply monitored and managed from one “platform” site which sits above these. The teams and groups with sites at the school are:

  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Junior Sport Scholarship
  • Senior Sport Scholarship

We want to thank all of these new organisations for choosing the MyTPE platform and are enjoying helping them to get the most out of these! Joe Burley is the Academy Performance Analyst for Wasps Rugby and has kindly provided us with this testimonial about how MyTPE is used by the team, which we will finish this news story with:

In my role at Wasps Academy I have been tasked with creating a performance analysis environment from scratch, building processes and implementing the necessary tools. MyTPE was always going to be one of the first platforms that I introduced to Wasps Academy, having previously used MyTPE at a number of clubs and universities, I understand just how much of an impact that it can have on a performance analysis department.

As an online platform, it gives myself and coaches the ability to share a whole host of interactive learning resources, including footage from matches and training. The site has completely changed the way that our coach-player feedback process works. The coaches are able to discuss team and individual performances outside of scheduled academy sessions allowing for an efficient feedback process free from time constraints.

MyTPE was an extremely easy tool to implement, with all the staff and players finding it very easy to use, also with players’ ages ranging from 14-21, this was crucial. I would fully recommend MyTPE to any club, in any sport, at any level. We are very much looking forward to MyTPE becoming an even bigger part of our analysis environment.


* Unfortunately we have had some website issues meaning we were unable to post new blogs. So there has been a backlog of news stories which we planned to release a lot earlier! So apologies to our new users above who we are only just welcoming on our website, even though some of them have been using MyTPE for many months now.

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