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MyTPE Version 7 Released

This week saw the release of the new and improved Team Performance Exchange website. The update is getting very positive responses from our users who love the new look and ways in which to handle the site. MyTPE V7 had been in background development for a long time as it was being completely rebuilt from the ground up. Although the same features are present and it hasn’t all of a sudden become “alien” to users, to make the changes that were wanted, it wasn’t simply a case of changing things on the current site database and design. Hopefully everyone agrees that the wait was well worth it! The new design and structure of the site means that updates and changes can happen quicker, keeping the site future proof and ensuring that we are using the most modern technologies, such as playing video through HTML5.

The numbers!

There are currently over 10,000 active users on MyTPE, with some who are in multiple teams. When you take the multiple logins into account, it means there are over 13,000 active user logins spread across all of the MyTPE teams! As we are talking about numbers, I can tell you that there are 417 active team sites on MyTPE and 136 organisations which they belong to. Some organisations have multiple teams which sit under a Digital Platform, meaning that they can monitor and control all of the sites from one central location. Examples of multiple site organisations in the UK and Ireland include the Welsh Rugby Union, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Millfield School, Mardyke Arena (UCC) and one of our oldest customers who recently renewed their multiple site licence, England Hockey.

Not just for sport!

Although MyTPE is admittedly mostly used by sports teams, the features it provides means that we also have teams who use the platform to enhance teaching, learning and communication within their organisation. For example, Cardiff Met Uni has some sites for distributing lecture content, sending out questionnaires and monitoring projects and different courses. Another of our users based in Japan is the Queens Education Co. Ltd. Queens Education teach English to Japanese people and use a combination of our video analysis products to deliver an interactive and evidence based service. Queens Education have been a user of MyTPE from the early days and have a site called “The Edge”. Thanks to the features which MyTPE provides, Ian Simpson (CEO of Queens Education Co. Ltd) is able to describe “The Edge” solution like this:

The Edge is an innovative online learning platform developed to improve English communication skills. The system records, analyses and provides feedback to the client in the form of video data. The effect has high impact, which consequently results in rapid improvement in communication skills.

Linking up with MyTPA

A few months ago, the team behind MyTPE also released an online video analysis tool called MyTPA. This platform allows you to upload a movie, analyse it online with a highlight scheme then review these highlights with a timeline and playlists that you can create. The platform is built around sharing, so users can share their projects with other members for them to view or also analyse further. With the update of MyTPE, playlists created in MyTPA can instantly be shared into a users MyTPE team if they are a member of both MyTPA and MyTPE. Notes that are added onto the highlights in a playlist in MyTPA will also show in the video file sent to MyTPE, so combining both of these products together gives user online tools for analysing footage, preparing playlists and instantly sharing these with their members on a MyTPE site for further communication. More information on MyTPA can be found by clicking the link above. Or you could just click here too…

More info and demos

Over the next few weeks, we will aim to have a video showing MyTPE V7 and all the features in further detail, but until that time, please feel free to just Contact Us for more information! The MyTPE page in our products section will also give you more information on the features but it is currently showing examples on the old version of TPE. One of the best ways to learn more is to get in contact with myself to arrange an online screen share demonstration, so please don’t hesitate to do that! We can also set you up with a demo site after this online session so you can try out the site and it’s features for yourself.

Our New Year’s resolution!

As a last (but certainly not least!) note, we would of course like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that you had a great Christmas with your family and friends. We really appreciate you keeping up to date with what we are doing by reading these posts and we hope that the information inside is helpful and of interest to you. Our New Year’s Resolution is to continue developing AnalysisPro Ltd and our whole suite of products to answer the calls of the growing industry and organisations using video analysis in both sport and non-sport settings. We feel that this first update of the year has set us off to a great start and we look forward to sharing the new and exciting news and developments of 2015 with you as soon as we can!


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