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Nacsport and Opta Integration

This week was the chance for us to finally announce the exciting news we have been cryptic about in the past few entries! Nacsport have developed a fantastic import tool which will allow users from the Scout Plus level onwards to import Opta F24 files in a really easy and customisable way, so that users can get the most out of the fantastic data service they are provided with. When you import a file, Nacsport shows you all the Events and Qualifiers, which will then become categories and descriptors. Users can edit the names of these, the colours of the rows and columns associated with them, how long clips they want to see for each action, choose whether they want to see both team’s or a single team’s data and pretty much any other customisation you can think of! The settings that users choose will be saved so that whenever the next week’s import is done for example, the coaching team are wasting no time in getting to review that all important data and footage. In the Elite level of Nacsport, users can also make use of a fantastic graphical interface which will show them the positions on the pitch for the clips they have selected in the timeline. Using this when looking at passes is a great example as you see the origin and end point along with a green line for a successful pass and a red line for an unsuccessful pass. To make the filtering process easier, users can also choose whether to view results for the whole game, a specific half and also a specific player rather than all players.

Keep in mind all the other great Nacsport tools on offer, and users of the Opta service will now have a way to quickly and easily review their data then make powerful presentations to highlight their key coaching points. Don’t forget the extensive search tool available in the Viewer and Elite systems too. This means that when users have imported a few games, they can add them to a search database and instantly find those key Events with a combination of Qualifiers such as the successful passes made by Thierry Henry which were a header. The possibilities are endless!

To read more about the official news story, please click here. Below is the video which will show you the fantastic Opta integration with Nacsport. Enjoy!

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