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  • Josh Bryan

Nacsport Live Review in Cricket (Part 2)

Following on from Part 1 of this series, today I would like to tell you a bit more about how Performance Advantage Ltd use the Nacsport video analysis software and our AP Wireless solution to provide a high quality performance analysis service to professional Cricket teams they work with.

Performance Advantage Ltd, headed up by Phil Dicks, provide video analysis services to teams in different sports around the UK. In Cricket, they work closely with teams such as Durham CCC and Yorkshire CCC. The company use the Nacsport Pro Plus software and also our customised wireless solution, AP Wireless. This is a tool that provides a wireless network cloud on the 5GHz range that can spread far and wide, ensuring the live review processes mentioned in this blog series can happen at longer distances and faster speeds.

On June 24th, Performance Advantage Ltd were providing an analysis service to both Durham and Yorkshire during the Natwest T20 Blast. A live capture and analysis of the video was carried out with the Nacsport software, with devices around the ground connected to the AP Wireless solution being able to review live dashboard statistics and registered video clips, whilst the capture and analysis was still happening.

The following pictures of this setup and live activity were originally posted on the twitter feed of Performance Advantage Ltd.

Recently, Performance Advantage Ltd were again using their tools at a Cricket match between Derbyshire Falcons and Yorkshire Vikings on Sunday 10th July. Following on from that, I caught up with Phil about how everything went again. He told me how delighted he is with the new workflows his business can provide thanks to the combination of his Nacsport software and AP Wireless system:

We have tried, in recent years, to have an “in-game” impact in one-day cricket. Typically, in the longer format of the game, players and coaches come to us for stats and video feedback but in the shorter forms like to the NatWest T20 and the RL50 we have to go to them – in the dug-out.

With the live capture, analysis and review processes used in Nacsport, coupled with the capability of our AP Wireless solution, Phil is now able to make the above possible without even having to move away from the machine. The information and registered video clips are sent to the devices straight away, so people can review them wirelessly without them having to be “physically delivered”. Of course Phil and the team still continue to interact with the teams to help them use the tools and understand all of the information!

Martyn Moxon, Director of Cricket for Yorkshire CCC, can see the benefits of these new workflows and comments:

To have an iPad with a live stream of stats and downloadable clips, pitch-side, gives both us as coaches, and our players, a great opportunity to shape the game. To be able to take a close up look at a bowler’s hand action or appreciate how the game is evolving through a customised dashboard is a real bonus and it means we can deal with facts and not just anecdote or speculation. We believe this technology will make a significant contribution to our in-game support moving forward.

Phil has kindly shared images of the dashboards which Martyn mentions above, showing the comparisons between Derbyshire Falcons (left) and Yorkshire Vikings (right) on their Sunday 10th July match in which Yorkshire won by only 1 run!!! Well done to Yorkshire.

Hopefully, over these 2 blogs you will have been able to see the impact that the live capture, analysis and review processes available in Nacsport can provide to a team. Although these are examples from Cricket, the workflows are used in a variety of sports all over the world thanks to the affordable and user-friendly nature of Nacsport. If you want to learn more about how to achieve any of these workflows, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed to these two blogs and wish them all success in their performances and service provisions! Special thanks in this blog to Phil and Martyn for sharing their feedback and pictures of the workflows in use and results too!


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