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Dave Munnings

Nacsport Video analysis in Dog Agility

The Nacsport software is used in Dog Agility! This really shows the adaptability of the Nacsport Video Analysis software and our ‘analysis for all’ principles.

If you are in the field of performance analysis and coaching, you will know it’s a specialist and intricate arm of sports science that engages individuals and teams to reflect on their own performance. There are no rules to how it works and what event it can be used in, whether it’s in the sporting or non-sporting world, amateur to the elite levels, one size certainly doesn’t fit all.

Video Analysis can bend it’s rules to suit the team, the objective, the coach, the teacher or the business. We always say that Nacsport is used around the world across different sports and in this blog, we focus on one of those sports; the very interesting world of – Dog Agility!

What impact does it have and how it can make a Dog Agility team stronger and perform better? How can the team become more aware of their performance and use it to improve?

Let’s start with a fun fact!

In 1978, Dog Agility (like many sports) was invented in the UK!

And no prizes to guess where …… Crufts of course!

John Varley introduced it to ‘occupy the time’ between events at Crufts and

to bring ‘a bit of fun’ into the rather more serious side of Crufts.

This is Dave Munnings, he is a Bronze Medal Winner from Team GB at the AWC Oct 2018!

Example course from the World Championships –

We spoke to Martin Cavill, who is heavily involved with Dog Agility from the grassroots to the top flight with Team GB – he has quite a few credentials within the sport!

It’s a great balance to be involved at the top flight, along with the grassroots of the sport with the work I do with the Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club is the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the welfare of dogs. The Kennel Club sponsor and support Dog Agility Team GB.

There are subtle differences on the courses in which the dogs will react. For example – in a tunnel, the dog may decelerate if it’s a different specification to the tunnel it’s used to – it’s a sport where 0.01 second counts.

The handlers guide the dog with vocal and body commands – there are so many factors that can affect the speed and performance.

This is where AnalysisPro comes in! Like many sports, to improve you need to review what you have done, and what better way to do that than with Nacsport!?

We use video analysis at tournaments because to see how we compare to the others. We compete in team and individual events. I will live code every round as I want to see the statistics for us and our opponents. I look at the timings of each round and importantly the faults: Who’s making what faults? Who’s getting what times? Where did we lose time? How can we focus our training to advance and improve?

With Nacsport, handlers can physically see their round. They can watch it back and see areas where they can perhaps position themselves better to improve on their time.

Using video analysis attracts a lot of interest from other dog agility teams. I want to share what I am doing in order to share best practice with others in the sport or those interested in the sport.

Of course there are a few, but very few people can calculate and keep track of every single thing that’s happening in each round. Video analysis with Nacsport allows me to do this, review and then present back to the team.

As well as having the video to review with the team, overall I present the statistics back to the team in a presentation, also gathering all the data and statistics presented in charts and graphs in Microsoft Excel.

I prefer a static image, continually filming in one place from one angle. I find this easier to review after with the team and conduct the analysis. Of course with sports like football, you need to follow the player, zoom, pan and tilt but with a Dog Agility circuit, I find the static image works best for me.

I use my own camera, a GoPro. I use an AverMedia device to record the live feed into Nacsport and have also purchased a touch screen laptop to do my coding. The video will record onto my laptop and I can then physically press the buttons on my template, no mouse or hotkeys. I found this a significant help to speed up the tagging process and my accuracy.

For more information on live coding and how to do it, please Click Here

If you are reading this and think it’s a good idea to code using a touch screen, Martin found the investment into the touch screen laptop beneficial to his needs. If you want to achieve this same workflow, you can also purchase the Nacsport Tag&view app. You can export the template from Nacsport onto your iPad or iPhone and sync the analysis with the video in Nacsport later.

Here is a typical template Martin would use –

Martin is using Categories and Descriptors to collate data which self populates in a quadrant that we call the matrix tool.

I really like the Matrix Tool. I can clearly see the Categories down one side and all my descriptors across the top as the stats populate a grid. The statistics are really useful to see where we are against the rest of the world. Aat a glance, I can see that we had x faults against their y.

I export the clips to show the handler. The level of detail will vary, some will want to know every move to the split second.

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