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Nacsport’s Road Trip

This past week, we have been hosting Frank and Alberto from Nacsport over here in the UK. The main aim of the visit was of course to catch up with the guys again in person, but to also discuss future developments and plans for the continual growth of Nacsport. We also had the chance to visit our Nacsport users Aston Villa FC with Frank and Alberto and host a few people from the FA Wales Analysis department over at Cardiff Metropolitan University to see AP Capture in action.


On our first day, we were focussed on reviewing the most recent update features then looking at the pending Nacsport features which Alberto presented to us. There are some really exciting tools coming and we got to see the concept of some even more impressive live review features which are definitely worth waiting to hear about! We also discussed many ideas and feedback we have from ourselves and our users about features that would make everyone’s analysis more efficient and easy. There are some exciting plans for furthering what a user can do with a template and how Nacsport can make your job easier by intelligently using the data you are inputting, to provide you with instant feedback and analysis. The next stage is for Alberto to start developing these tools and features, so hopefully it won’t be too long until we can tell you more about what is coming!


Wednesday saw us drive up to the Bodymoor Heath Training ground to meet Chris Bradley, Tom Kelly, Adam McGuiness and Chris Harper from the Academy analysis team. Alberto and Frank were demonstrated a run-through of the typical processes used throughout the age groups, which gave us the chance to have further input on ways to make workflows more efficient for the team, particularly with the new update features in mind!

The team collect a huge amount of data (over 1200 registers per match!) that each player can review with a Timeline, Matrix or Presentation using their Nacsport Viewer licences. We also encouraged the analysts to teach players how to use the Search Tool in Nacsport so they can choose multiple games, then look for their name and specific actions they have done by combining Categories and Descriptors. By doing this, all the clips will load up automatically for them to view in one place.


Along with the players viewing all of this information themselves, the analysis team and coaching staff put together Presentation files of clips for use in feedback sessions on the big screen. This tool is one of the most active areas with our users who are working every day with the software, as it is easy to review and edit your clips in one area, which also becomes a repository for key clips and coaching points. If you use Nacsport and haven’t explored everything the Presentation window has to offer, then boot up Nacsport now and take a look! This playlist of tutorial videos should help too.

Whilst we were there, Alberto also ensured that all the machines got updated to the latest version of Nacsport. We all had a great time catching up with the team and are looking forward to them continuing their use of Nacsport in the coming seasons!


For the first part of Thursday, we again chatted through further developments and ideas to confirm understanding and ensure that everything had been taken into account. There are “many ways to skin a cat”, so it’s really important to think through every possibility of what a user would want and how a tool would help them, but importantly making sure that Nacsport stays a user-friendly and intuitive software.

In the afternoon, we had the FA Wales analysts pop in to Cardiff Metropolitan University to catch up on the latest Nacsport updates and discuss plans for expanding the use of Nacsport within the Association. We asked them to meet us at the University as they were keen to see AP Capture and our IP Camera solutions in action, as were Frank and Alberto. We were able to show the multiple fixed camera setups in place and how they were controlled from within the lab (see this video), along with showing the Mobile Tripod Solution and how that has developed from the first time we showed it to Esther a while back! They were all very impressed with what we had achieved and it was again nice to hear feedback confirming that we have created a really powerful and professional solution.

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