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Nacsport Tag&Go iPad App Released

This week has seen the release and pretty of free downloads of the new Nacsport Tag&Go app for the iPad. This solution allows users to create templates (as they would do in Nacsport) so that they can easily analyse any performance with a handheld device, then review the database file and link that or an XML file up with a video afterwards so you have a timeline and matrix resource to review. This is a really powerful workflow and is a great way of engaging coaches and new analysts with the process of registering events as they happen to save time in the post match analysis process and also identify those instances which seemed like the key events in the heat of the battle! When users purchase a full licence of Tag&Go (by sending a request through the app), they will have the ability to send a .nac database file or XML file of their event with all the details so it can be input to your timeline based software. Without a full licence, these files will only contain information of the first 15 categories which were registered. Another feature available with the full licence allows users to share templates to/from computer and iPad. So existing Nacsport users can quickly get the templates they always use onto their iPad rather than having to create the template again by hand. The huge benefit of this app is the affordability and accessibility it provides, meaning that synergetic and time saving workflows can be applied whether you are a Nacsport user or have other timeline-based software like SportsCode or Gamebreaker. To download the app, just search Tag&Go on the iPad app store and for more information, check this page on the Nacsport website.

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