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Netball NI choose Nacsport

Today I am very pleased to welcome Netball Northern Ireland to our ever-growing Nacsport community. If you saw this previous blog, you will know that Nacsport is also being used by the Welsh Netball team, so it's great to have another National team on board with this powerful video analysis tool! Netball NI are working with a Nacsport Scout Plus licence and also a Nacsport Viewer licence. This enables them to carry out live and post-event analysis of their footage in Scout Plus, which can also be fully reviewed within the Viewer software by other players and coaches.

Netball NI using Nacsport

Mark McAreavey is the Netball NI Performance Analyst and had this to say about working with Nacsport within the team:

Netball NI have decided to purchase the Nacsport Scout Plus and Nacsport Viewer software, which will enable us to do a thorough analysis of our team performances along with providing knowledge of our forthcoming opponents. We will use the system for all representative sides, including our open squad as they look to qualify for Gold Coast 2018. The major benefits for this product we felt were the ability to provide feedback live seamlessly, the simplicity of use and the non-stop support provided by AnalysisPro. I, personally, have used Nacsport for over two years and the development of the product during that time has been amazing as they look to continue to provide an elite software solution.

Mark has also kindly shared some pictures of Nacsport in use, where you can see a live capture into Nacsport through the Avermedia LGP Lite device and the Netball NI template.

Nacsport live capture and analysis of Netball NI

We would like to say thanks to Mark for his testimonial and also of course a big thanks to Netball NI for choosing to use the Nacsport software. Finally, here are some words from Noleen Lennon, who is the Netball NI International and Performance Pathway Officer.

Nacsport performance analysis software provides Netball NI with the information we need both in game and for post-game analysis in an easy to read format and with the flexibility to concentrate on specific focus areas as required by different coaching staff.

Netball NI Warming Up

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