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Newcastle Falcons Academy choose MyTPE

As we welcome in the New Year, we would also like to welcome a new team into our ever expanding community! Today we are pleased to announce that the Newcastle Falcons Academy have chosen MyTPE as their online sharing platform, with a site that will see them through to at least the end of the 2018 season with space for 120 different users.

We could let you know how the Falcons Academy use MyTPE, but instead we shall leave you with this great insight and review from Academy Analyst Luc Thomas. There are also some pictures showing MyTPE in use by the team.

We recently started using MyTPE across our whole academy. So far it has been a great addition to the way we work & share information between staff & players here at the academy. First of all, myself as an analyst & the coaches have found it a very useful tool to share footage & generate discussion around that footage, using it as another tool to aid their development & awareness of the game of rugby. The coaches also use it as a tool for the players to set & record match day targets, again as another tool to help review their performance & overall development in the sport.

The questionnaires that can be set up through MyTPE have also been a great addition to our S&C & physio set-up at the academy. S&C coaches have set up ‘wellness’ questionnaires to allow them to monitor how the players are feeling (sore/tired etc.), whilst the physios use the questionnaires feature to record & monitor any minor/major injuries that the players may have suffered else where. With the limited time we get with our academy players each week, the questionnaires feature has been a very useful tool that allows us to monitor how the players are feeling & their loads away from the academy, so that they get the best/correct treatment when we do see them, whether that be during a training session, in the gym or just going straight to see our academy physio.

We have found our so far short use with MyTPE to be very useful & like I keep saying, a great tool to use to develop our players in their rugby knowledge & understanding of the game. The feedback we’ve had from the players has also been very positive, with various players mentioning how easy the site is to use & how professional it seems.

In terms of the help & assistance provided, I couldn’t speak more highly of Josh Bryan who has been very helpful & quick to answer any questions/queries I’ve had about the use of MyTPE. I’d be surprised if he hadn’t responded to any questions within the hour! and he has even spent his time on various Skype chats to us staff when we needed a bit more of an in-depth discussion about the site.

Overall, MyTPE has been a great addition so far to us at the academy. We continue to grow the site & are always finding more benefits of it’s use. Myself & everyone at the academy are very pleased with the route we have chosen when opting for a sharing platform, and I look forward to the continued use of MyTPE at Newcastle Falcons Academy.

Newcastle Falcons Academy using MyTPENewcastle Falcons Academy reviewing performances with MyTPE

We would like to thank Luc for taking the time to share his feedback about MyTPE and how it is used within the Academy and would like to thank the Falcons for choosing to use our tools. Best of luck for 2017!

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