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Newport Gwent Dragons choose MyTPE and renew AP Viewer

Similar to last weeks story about Leicester City FC renewing both their MyTPE and AP Viewer contracts, today we would like to let you know about Newport Gwent Dragons’ continued use of AP Viewer and their recent uptake of the MyTPE online athlete management and file sharing solution. Newport have been using AP Viewer since 2013, and you can see more about it’s use and their opinions of it in this previous article from their website and this tweet. We have recently been exploring different performance analysis solutions with the team who again renewed their AP Viewer contract for another year. One of the new solutions taken up by the team so far is our online athlete management and file sharing solution MyTPE (Team Performance Exchange).

The regional academy teams of the WRU have all been using MyTPE for a few years as part of the WRU’s multiple site solution which also covers their referees, Level 4 coaching course and different representative age teams. So it’s great that the senior teams of the WRU are now exploring the new version of MyTPE and we’re really pleased that the Dragons are already using this solution effectively as part of their extensive performance analysis workflows.

We have kindly been provided with some feedback and opinions from Huw Bevan and Jon Gardner of Newport Dragons about both of these solutions, so we would like to say a big thanks to the Dragons for continuing to work with us before leaving you with these testimonials and picture from Jon!


AP Viewer

AP Viewer continues to be a useful tool for our analysis department. It’s portability has supplemented our analysis process when we are away from our training base, giving us the ability to generate quick feedback and accelerate our learning”

Huw Bevan (Newport Gwent Dragons, High Performance Manager).

It’s ease of use has allowed us to utilise multiple angles and the matrix to replicate familiar processes at the staff and players’ convenience.

Jon Gardner (Newport Gwent Dragons, Performance Analyst).



“TPE has been a great new addition to our analysis department. It has allowed us to continue our processes outside of our training environment. The file sharing feature & the systems user friendly interface has allowed great interaction between players, coaches & analysts. We look forward to incorporating more of its tools this coming season”.

Jon Gardner (Newport Gwent Dragons, Performance Analyst).

“TPE has been a great innovation. The ability to share video and communicate with players has greatly supported our feedback process.”

Huw Bevan (Newport Gwent Dragons, High Performance Manager).

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