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Performance Analysis at Millfield School

Today, I am delighted to let you know that Millfield School are once again continuing to use our different Video Analysis tools for their multi-sport Performance Analysis provisions. The school are into their fourth year of using our different solutions and have once again upgraded their provisions for this new school year. If you take a look at this previous blog, you can get a detailed overview of the PA Journey at Millfield School.

This year, the school have upgraded one of their Nacsport Scout Plus licences to the Pro Plus version. This will enable them to carry out more in-depth analysis with the Graphic Descriptor tool and importantly opens the door for live review workflows they can use. In Pro Plus, whilst you are capturing and registering live into the software you can also turn on the Real Time Streaming element of the software. This means that mobile devices on the same network as the Nacsport machine can then see the live statistical dashboard and also watch back registered clips that are being created in the Nacsport machine. A great process that will definitely get a lot of use by the Cricketers to begin with!

Millfield have also renewed the Technical Support and Update service for their other Scout Plus and Basic Plus licence, along with renewing their 4 Tag&go licences.

Millfield School use Nacsport

On the subject of renewals, Millfield School will continue to use their multi-team MyTPE solution and online analysis platform MyTPA. This lets them upload their matches and Nacsport analysis so that the coaches and players can review the complete timeline and matrix on their computers or tablets. 10 of the coaches also have the ability to further analyse the footage online, using customised templates.

Millfield School Live Streaming

All of the video for the School’s analysis workflows is coming from the multiple IP Cameras installed around the school, all being controlled and recorded through our AP Capture software. If you follow Millfield’s twitter account, you will see that the School are still continuing to use the Live Streaming solution we provided them with also. Take a look at the video below to see an example of one of the great streams which the school regularly put out for their games!

We would like to say a big thanks to Millfield School for their continued use of our tools.

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