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Peter Clark reviews AP Viewer

This review from Peter Clark, performance analyst at Leicester City FC, shows how the club are benefitting from the use of the iPad application AP Viewer.


“AP Viewer really has been a catalyst for change in the way post-match analysis takes place at LCFC. It allows for coaches, players and the manager to review performances not only instantly and conveniently but also anywhere; the bus, the changing room, the training ground, the gym, on the massage bed and even at home.”


“Being able to use our fully coded timeline along with the matrix means that we are no longer asking coaches to watch the full game, and consequently, analysis can take place far more efficiently following a game. Our coaching staff really can’t speak highly enough of this App and we at LCFC would highly recommend AP Viewer to any sports club wishing to engage coaches and players in post-match feedback.”


Peter Clark

Performance Analyst at Leicester City FC



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