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Plymouth Albion RFC choose Nacsport

We would like to announce that Plymouth Albion RFC have become one of our latest new users of the Nacsport video analysis software we provide. After visiting Head Coach James Shanahan and player-coach Ruairi Cushion at the Brickfields Recreation Ground to show them what Nacsport can provide across the different versions, the team chose a Scout Plus and Basic Plus licence to greatly improve performance analysis workflows at the club. Scrum-half Ruairi Cushion will carry out the main analysis post-match using the Scout Plus system. The ability to have an unlimited amount of buttons in the template in Scout Plus means that player analysis can be done faster and in a more in-depth fashion. For general match analysis, Ruairi will also be using the basis of the Rugby template that Josh Bryan created which you can see in the workflow video at the bottom of this post. Being able to share this analysis onto the machine running Basic Plus means that James and the other staff will be able to review all the events with a timeline and matrix, then also add on their own analysis onto this too. The presentation window and easy-to-use drawing tools in both versions will be important in highlighting key moments to the players.


We asked Ruairi if he could provide you all with a bit more information on the club and their plans for the coming season with regards to analysis:

Plymouth Albion RFC are one of the top 20 professional rugby teams in England and are constantly thriving to improve year on year. Our analysis department has had an overhaul this season and straight away the need for new software that was affordable and efficient was highlighted as a must. Through the work carried out with Exeter Chiefs and their academy, AnalysisPro were highly recommended to us from their staff. Once we met Josh Bryan to learn more about their range of products and services along with experiencing a demonstration of the Nacsport software, we knew that the product was of extremely high quality and would benefit and improve our team performance and coaching ability.

All of our coaching staff will be using the software over the coming season, but as the team analyst and skills coach, I will be using Nacsport the most to break down game footage to give feedback to individuals on their performance and set piece work. That’s just tip of the iceberg though, as our head coach will be able to work far more efficiently with the necessary attack and defence clips, and our scrum coaches and forwards coaches will effectively be able to highlight key areas in our forwards that need improving. The easy to use AnalysisPro Rugby Template will provide us with a general game breakdown and statistical output, and when this is coupled with our individual’s game breakdown, it will improve our ability to highlight specific player needs and greatly assist with selection issues.

By using a product of such high quality, our analysis workflows will improve which should help us make huge strides on the pitch this year. I can’t wait to utilise all that AnalysisPro and Nacsport have to offer.


We would like to thank Ruairi and all the team and staff at Plymouth Albion RFC for trusting in our service and the Nacsport software, and wish them all the best for the new season.


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