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Powerful Analysis Combo used in UK and now US Schools/Colleges

The combination of two powerful products that we represent has been utilised for a few years now by many of our clients due to the synergetic and complimentary nature they can provide. Each of the products are designed for different purposes which they both excel in independently, but by using one to create resources for the other, a synergetic link is formed which drives engagement and appreciation for both. Throw affordability into this mix and you can see why it is a popular combination for many of our users!

I am of course talking about the video analysis software Nacsport, and the online athlete management and file sharing solution Team Performance Exchange. Each product has a wide user base on their own but we are able to promote the use of these together for some great workflows that will enhance performance and coaching feedback.

Today, we would like to welcome two new educational institutions who are using this combination in the UK and in the US. Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate Foundation (UK) and DeMatha Catholic High School (US).


Queen Ethelburga’s are looking to cover a multitude of sports so have chosen 4 Nacsport Basic Plus licences along with a Team Performance Exchange website that will cater up to 150 different users for the time being. DeMatha Catholic High School are currently focussing on their successful Soccer setup so have chosen a Nacsport Scout Plus licence along with a standard TPE site for up to 50 users in their team.

We would like to say a big thanks to both QE and DeMatha for putting their trust in the different products and services we provide, and a bigger thanks for providing us with these statements about working with us and both Nacsport and TPE!


Lewis Butcher – Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate Foundation

Could you tell us a little bit more about your College Sport?

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate Foundation provides a Sport Elite Programme with high profile full time Directors of each sport including hockey, rugby, basketball and netball.  In addition, QE employs elite full time coaches in football, cricket and swimming and engages part time coaches in whatever other sports our students wish to do.

Student athletes have their elite sport built into their academic time table so that they are able to train to fulfil their sporting aspirations alongside their full time academic commitments.

QE is investing in sporting facilities to the tune of £30m throughout 2014 and 2015 and will soon have the best sporting facilities of any school in the North and some of the best in the UK.


How did you hear about AnalysisPro Ltd?

Through my work with England Hockey as a Performance Coach, I had been given access to TPE and I was keen to get such a useful online platform into the normal workings of the Sport Elite Programme so got in contact with AnalysisPro Ltd.


Have you had experience of using performance analysis at the college before?

There was and still is a varying level of performance analysis experience within the staff here at QE.  A number of us have used Sportscode Gamebreaker through either our professional playing careers or as coaches with our respective National Governing Bodies and some have used Dartfish as well.


What interested you about Nacsport?

We wanted a timeline based analysis tool that could be operated on a laptop and wasn’t as expensive as, say, Sportscode Gamebreaker.  Once we had viewed the online tutorials and spoken to AnalysisPro, it became quickly apparent that we could have as much functionality and perhaps more for a fraction of the price and without having to upgrade all of our hardware.


What interested you about TPE?

We very much wanted an online portal where we could share information and video with student athletes as well as manage their training diaries and track their data and progress.  TPE really delivers on all those fronts and has the scope to grow with us and is flexible enough to accommodate our needs as we think of them.


What will the combination of Nacsport and TPE enable you to do that you couldn’t do before?

Primarily, it will allow us to share video in an interactive way with student athletes, as well as allowing them to review and analyse their own performance in their own time when it suits them.


How have you found working with AnalysisPro Ltd so far?

It has been excellent.  Josh has been very informative and helpful and is always on the end of the phone or on Skype when we need him!



Eddie Jones – DeMatha Catholic High School


DeMatha Catholic High School is a prestigious private boys school located in Maryland, just on the outskirts of Washington DC, USA. DeMatha is renowned across the United States for having some of the best programs in Basketball, American Football and Football (soccer); with these teams all winning national championships, with formidable talent often going onto playing professionally.


Specifically, DeMatha’s soccer program under Coach Dafydd Evans, has become one of the finest in the nation.  In 2011, DeMatha captured the school’s first ever national title in the sport and, at one time, owned the nation’s longest unbeaten streak.  DeMatha also owns a team state record for the most goals set in a season and an individual record (set by Cody Albrecht ’11) in 2010 for the most assists in a year.

In the last 13 years, DeMatha has won 219 games, had five undefeated seasons, has sent over 80 players to the college ranks, and sent five alumni to the professional level.  Evans was named Coach of the Year by the Washington Post in 2011, and was named the Prince George’s County Coach of the Decade by the Gazette in 2010.

Since taking over the program in 2002, Coach Evans has done a tremendous job.  His 2014 Stag team is aiming now for yet another outstanding season.

However, to recapture the national championship we needed to get the most out of each game, by doing everything we could in our program to increase our chances of success. That’s when we looked to AnalysisPro Ltd, after being referred to AnalysisPro Ltd by Emyr Humphries of Hull City FC. We decided to invest in Nacsport Scout Plus and Team Performance Exchange (TPE).


After meeting with Josh Bryan from AnalysisPro Ltd, we at DeMatha were intrigued by what Nacsport and TPE had to offer our program. Firstly, Josh ran us through what Nacsport could offer and we were particularly interested in how we could produce templates to highlight almost anything from a game that we wanted. Obviously, starting with the basics from the percentage of possession, shots on and off target, all the way to successful short and long corners. We could really see the potential that Nacsport had to offer. It has the flexibility within its software for our program to explore any area of video analysis within a game that we feel would benefit the players. One fundamental benefit of this software is how we can clip the games into categories. This allows us to visually highlight different scenarios after the game, giving an opportunity for key coaching and learning to be implemented.


However, with these different key moments from the games we wanted players to be able to reflect and learn from their experiences. This is where TPE came in as this online platform allows us to upload any game footage that we feel would enhance knowledge and understanding of the game. It also has many features that we liked, such as a team calendar, ability to upload strength and conditioning results, and instant messaging between players and coaches.


Considering our complete lack of experience and knowledge in using video analysis software before, it is incredible how far we have come in such a short amount of time; working with AnalysisPro Ltd has been very smooth and rewarding. I would highly recommend AnalysisPro Ltd to any coach looking to take their team to the next level. AnalysisPro Ltd are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, from my experience they would be able to help implement a crucial tool within any sporting environment.

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