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As usual, this week has seen a mixture of developments, discussion, support and improvements. These are key pillars to our business as we look to expand on what we can provide, how we can provide it and who we can provide it to. Our mantra (Process, Person Product) is to flip the usual spreadsheet driven technique of business onto it’s head and instead focus on identifying and improving the processes people can carry out to achieve an end goal, THEN provide them with a product or combination of synergetic products to suit those requirements where necessary. In being able to achieve our goal of making #AnalysisForAll, we are happy to be in a position where we can provide high quality, professional products and services at an affordable price so that processes and workflows carried out at the Elite level can be replicated all the way down to the grass roots. This is something we are achieving and can highlight with the different users we have from teams such as Aston Villa, to our Support Manager’s rugby team, Paignton RFC.

A day which stood out this week was Wednesday, where we visited the CPA team at Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) and brought the guys over from the Mardyke Arena (University College Cork) to show them the fantastic environment which is in place at the university and in particular, how they use Team Performance Exchange and how their outdoor lab is going to work when using our AP Capture and IP Camera Solutions. On that day, Darren Lewis was also presenting to current students about the workflows he carries out as head of analysis at Bath Rugby and his journey from UWIC to that position, so it was great to catch up with Darren and also show him some exciting tools we have available and how our processes and products continue to develop each time we meet up. In the evening, Josh travelled up to Cirencester College to deliver a 3 hour session to staff and students on what performance analysis is and how they can use their Nacsport systems. He was very impressed with the attentiveness of both the staff and students who engaged with the hands on tutorial brilliantly, especially considering that they had given up their evening from 6-9pm to be there! It was great for Josh to hear feedback on the user friendly feeling of Nacsport and how there are so many tools available in just the Basic Plus version which will improve on lots of different areas of performance assessment and feedback delivery planned by the college. An exciting prospect to come out of the evening was the plan for the college to not only expand on the amount of systems they have available for performance analysis of sport, but that they will be looking to use the processes and features to also analyse teaching practice throughout the college. We are looking forward to working closely with the college on this and providing some case studies on the benefits of using video analysis in Educational settings.

Remember, video analysis isn’t just for sports performance! It is a Process driven by an informed and supported Person on a user friendly Product to achieve an end goal.

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