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Recent Nacsport Renewals

Today I would like to thank three of our Nacsport users for their renewal of the Nacsport technical support and update service for another year. This service ensures that our users get access to dedicated technical support and new and powerful feature updates released throughout the year. Plymouth Albion Rugby Club chose a Scout Plus and Basic Plus licence last year for their video analysis workflows and we are looking forward to working with their new coaching and analysis team to help them get the most out of the software. You can read more about Plymouth Albion’s plans and reasons for choosing Nacsport last year in this blog post.

Another rugby club (albeit a few leagues down from Plymouth) who are again renewing their Basic Plus technical support and update service for a third year are Paignton Rugby Club. Paignton play in the Tribute Cornwall/Devon league and I know them very well, as I play blind-side flanker for the team! Our coaching team review the game on Nacsport and present us with a few key clips before training, to confirm our understanding and focus us on the elements we are about to work on in training. It’s great to be a player on the receiving end of analysis created in Nacsport and definitely makes a novel change from showing what the software can do to other teams and users! You can read more about when Paignton initially started using Nacsport by clicking here.

Last but not least, we would also like to say thanks to Sion Rowlands who is the SVB Project Officer at the Bangor University Student’s Union. Sion chose to use 2 Nacsport Basic Plus licences within their student union to give students the chance to provide video analysis workflows to different teams and sports, so we’re pleased that the university are again renewing their technical support and update service.

Along with us thanking Plymouth, Paignton and Bangor University, the Nacsport head office are always pleased to hear about our user’s continued trust in their software so provided this news story saying thanks too!

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