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Sedbergh School choose AP Capture and Nacsport

Similar to our previous news story about the Malaysian Nationall Football Development Programme choosing AP Capture and Nacsport, this week we would like to welcome Sedbergh School as our latest users of both AP Capture and Nacsport.

Sedbergh School were initially exposed to the AP Capture 16×9 Mobile Tripod solution after a day of sporting competitions between Sedbergh School and Millfield School which was held at Millfield. On that day we were getting Charlie Barwis using the mobile tripod to film a match between both school’s First XV Rugby teams on the Gareth Edwards Pitch, which actually now has a permanent fixed IP Camera as part of the school’s purchase of more IP Cameras to service the Hockey, Rugby, Tennis and Sports Hall facilities as you can see in some pictures below. With these new cameras added, Charlie can dial into any of the cameras from around the school to smoothly capture and control them, and can also dial into the feed wirelessly too!

Since that initial match where Charlie was using the mobile tripod solution, you can see how things have progressed at Millfield School with plans for more cameras to be implemented to the Equestrian centre and other sports too. Millfield School has become a great representation of what can be achieved by using many of the different solutions we can provide, and schools like Sedbergh are being exposed to these capabilities more and more as the schools have fixtures against each other. Charlie has been able to speak with Sedbergh School’s Head of Boys’ Sports Simon Mulholland on a few occasions to let him know about the processes used at the school and how they are helping to improve performance and the feedback given to students (which you can see in the video below).

After getting in contact with Simon, I was able to give him further information about both our AP Capture mobile tripod solution and the different versions of Nacsport software and how they can make a powerful combination of gathering and analysing video footage. We are really pleased to announce Sedbergh School as our latest users and want to say thanks for their trust in us and also a big thanks to Simon for providing us with this statement:

The purchase of the AP Capture mobile tripod solution and Nacsport software has revolutionised our analysis capabilities here at Sedbergh School. We are very excited about the ways in which this combination will allow us to progress in the coming months and years. Having initially trialled this with our 1st XV rugby team, we look forward to rolling this out to other sports in due course. As Head of Boys’ Sport, I am delighted with the quality of this professional product and the positive impact it will undoubtedly have on the performance of our pupils.


Performance Analysis Processes at Millfield School

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